iZotope Announces Major Updates For Ozone 3, Spectron, And Trash Plug-Ins

iZotope has released major updates for Ozone 3, Spectron, and Trash. The updated versions include many usability enhancements as well as support for the latest operating systems and host applications.

Updates for all three plug-ins:

  • Universal Binary versions for Intel-based Macs
  • Support for 64-bit Windows applications
  • Improved authorization system
  • Improved delay compensation support with delay freeze function
  • “Alt-Solo” bandwidth can be changed with the mouse wheel

Ozone 3 updates:

  • Improved EQ snapshot import under Mac OS X
  • Smooth crossover changes in multiband modules

Trash updates:

  • Fully automatable Buzz module
  • 200% feedback settings for Buzz module
  • Smooth crossover changes in multiband modules
  • Host tempo sync for delay time and LFO rate

Spectron updates:

  • Host tempo sync for LFO rate
  • Host tempo sync for Delay module nodes
  • Numeric entry for node parameters

iZotope Ozone 3, Spectron, and Trash are available to purchase directly from iZotope, and are distributed to retail stores worldwide by M-Audio. Updates for Ozone 3, Spectron, and Trash are free to download for registered users on iZotope’s website.

For more information, visit their web site at www.izotope.com.

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