Genelec Launches Range Of Slot-Wall Mounts For 8000 Series Speakers

Genelec has launched a range of so-called ‘slot-wall’ mounts for its 8000 range of speaker systems.

The mounts, co-designed with König & Meyer, are ideal for display walls usedin stores and demo facilities as well as studios, post production houses and are proving increasingly popular in residential locations.

Quickly fixed to the rear of the 8020A & 8030A series speaker using the existing mounting holes, and the the bottom of the 8040A & 8050A, they make hanging a speaker a breeze. They also leave the user free to reposition the speakers very easily without touching the underlying wall with new fixings.

Available this autumn.

For more information, visit their web site at

Genelec Slot-Wall Mounts For 8000 Series Speakers

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