Orwell Digital Releases REAL_CONTROL Patch And Percussion Collection For Logic Pro

Orwell Digital has released a new collection of instrument channel presets and percussion kits designed exclusively for use with Apple’s Logic Pro software.

This product delivers 50 pro-level synthesizer channel presets, all stored with full effects settings. Eleven drum kits, based on completely new, 24-bit stereo samples, are also provided. Every instrument preset has been programmed with seven carefully chosen MIDI controller routings so as deliver intense realtime control and sonic flexibility to the performer.

The drums kits included with the REAL_CONTROL collection call on Orwell Digital’s D.E.C.S. processing techniques to deliver a detailed performance experience. The D.E.C.S. process involves the use of re-synthesis to seperate percussion tones into their various internal components. These sub-sections are then re-combined based on the user’s perfomance. The end result is a level of realism unavailable using traditional sample-playback techniques.

So that users can experience this new collection for themselves without obligation, a special demo version of REAL_CONTROL is now available for free download. This package includes a varied selection of REAL_CONTROL patches and percussion, as well as a shorter version of the PDF-format patch guide which accompanies the full version.

Special introductory pricing on the REAL_CONTROL Collection is now $29.99 when purchased online through the Orwell Digital website.

For more information, visit their web site at www.orwelldigital.com.

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