dbx Professional Products Interactive Quickstart Training Modules For DriveRack

dbx® Professional Products has recently announced an interactive online training course for its DriveRack® 4800 and 4820 System Processors. As part of its commitment to provide contractors and system integrators with up-to-the-minute information and support for its extensive range of DSP solutions, three different Quickstart Training Modules are available covering the entire process of operating, system configuration and editing. The new online training modules make it easy for a system integrator or contractor to learn how to get the most out of their DriveRack 4800 or 4820 System Processors.

The Quickstart Training modules are as follows: 4800/4820 GUI Configuration Wizard; 4800/4820 GUI Editor Module; and 4800 Front Panel Module. Each Quickstart Training Module offers an intuitive, step-by-step tutorial with comprehensive coverage of the most common user requirements and illustrates many of the capabilities of the DriveRack 4800 and 4820 System Processors. In addition, the Quickstart Training Modules have been created to answer the most commonly asked questions and provide configuration examples for the DriveRack 4800 and 4820.

Dale Sandberg, Senior Product Manager for dbx Professional Products, stated, “We’re extremely pleased with the high rate of DriveRack 4800 and 4820 adoption, while also realizing it is nearly impossible to offer on-site training in Sydney, Toronto, Boston, Paris, Seattle and Dallas all at the same time. We are continuing the dbx University program because we believe face-to-face training is ideal — however, we’ve found that web-based tools like these Quickstart Training Modules allow any user to have considerably more than a ‘basic level’ of training at his or her own convenience, regardless of time of day or location. They are very helpful tools.”

For more information, visit their web site at www.dbxpro.com.

dbx Professional Products DriveRack 4800 And 4820 System Processors

dbx Professional Products DriveRack 4800 And 4820 System Processors

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