Music Unfolding Releases GyroVibe Audio Unit Plug-In Effect

Music Unfolding announces the release of GyroVibe, the first of the Twister Series, a new line of Audio Unit effects.

The Twister Audio Units all have a single, large knob to control all parameters. Whether you need to make rough adjustments or fine tune a setting, the big knob takes the hassle out of using knobs on a software interface.

GyroVibe introduces our new driven multi-stage filter. It sounds very smooth and when driven, it yields a distortion with a rich, buttery quality. Gyrovibe is a classic vibrato chorus effect with a wide range of sounds. It’s great for keyboards — especially for a cool 60’s Hammond sound. It also produces a wide range of rich, full vibrato and chorus effects for guitar.

GyroVibe is $19.99 and is available for OS X as a Universal Binary.

For more information, visit their web site at

Music Unfolding GyroVibe Audio Unit Plug-In Effect

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