NuGen Audio Releases Visualizer 1.0 Beta 2

NuGen Audio has announced the release of Visualizer 1.0 beta 2, introducing more functionality and several fixes for the audio analysis tool.

Available as a free download to anyone wishing to try. Users posting comments/suggestions to NuGen Audio will be entered into a prize draw to win the full release version.

Changes since 1.0 beta1:

Spectrum analyser and Stereo Spectrum Analyser controls made available:

  • Response
  • Fallback
  • Colour selector
  • L/R/Average/L&R/Maximum view selection
  • dB zoom and scroll
  • Solid graph on/off
  • Peak-hold parameters
  • Infinite peak
  • 1/3 octave view
  • Freeze control

Spectrogram and Stereo Spectrogram controls made available:

  • L/R/Average/Maximum view selection
  • Smoothing option
  • Mouse-over readout
  • Colour spectrum selector

Vectorscope controls made available:

  • freeze control
  • persistence slider
  • colour selector

RMS meter changed to Outer meter to allow for Primary RMS (k-Scales)

Level meter response now quicker


  • Mouse-over X/Y readout now correlates with graph markings
  • Level meter peak reading bug inadvertently introduced in last build fixed

Visualizer 1.0b2 is available now from NuGen Audio.

For more information, visit their web site at

NuGen Audio Visualizer 1.0 Beta 2

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