Music Unfolding Releases hD Audio Unit Plug-In

Music Unfolding announces the release of hD, the third of the Twister Series, a new line of Audio Unit effects.

hD is a distortion effect with harmonic generators. It can generate two pitch-shifted copies of up to two octaves above the input signal. The volume level of the two voices can be set independently. hD also has a sub-octave generator. hD’s design uses its harmonic generators to enhance the distortion. The two harmonic voices are mixed into the signal before the distortion stage. Music Unfolding developed the sub-octave generator algorithm specifically for hD. It is latency-free. Placed after the distortion stage, hD delivers a good rumble without sounding like you’ve run a bass through a fuzz box.

hD can also be used to generate 12-string guitar effects and as a note doubler. Music Unfolding recommends also downloading and using their free parametric EQ, xEQ, when demo’ing hD. xEQ is available on the Music Unfolding website.

hD is $19.99 and is available for OS X as a Universal Binary. A demo is available here.

For more information, visit their web site at

Music Unfolding hD Audio Unit Plug-In

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