Announces Minimoog Voyager Bass Library For GigaStudio, Halion, Kontakt, Exs, Soundfont has announced The Minimoog Voyager bass library.

This library has been recorded from a Minimoog Voyager v3.01 all options and offers the best sound of Minimoog basses from the original soundbank.


  • Each sound is recorded for six seconds or more
  • 4 levels of velocity for exactly the same as heard from the original
  • Mixed with a true analog Mackie LM-3204 mixer and an EMU card in 44.1Khz, 16 bits

Each patch is 30MB large so it leaves plenty of space in your computer memory.

3.8 GB of data, PC/MAC compatible.

List of the presets:
2 Poles Bass
Anne Boleyn Bass
Basso Fabulo
Birdy Bass
Boogie Bass
Citadel Bass
Dr Who Bass
Get the Funk
Good Old Faithful
Grits and Eggs Bass
Just the Sub
Katy Moog Bass
Moogpeow C
Nige Classic Bass
Owwww Bass
Pedal Power
Thumping e-Bass
Velocity Growl
Walk Away
Yowsa Bass

This DVDROM contains AKAI (.akp), PULSAR (.p), HALION, KONTAKT, Reaktor (map), GIGASTUDIO 2 (.gig), EXS24.

Everything is compressed on a single DVDROM, PC/MAC compatible.

For more information, visit their web site at

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