Recording School Online Announces Free Downloadable Demo Of Extreme Punch VST Plug-In

A free demo download of analog tape emulator Extreme Punch is now available.

Extreme Punch not only emulates the sound of analog tape but more importantly it reproduces the dynamics.

Back in the days of analog recording there was one very outstanding recording tool. It was analog tape. Analog tape had one great advantage, it was warm and fat. Part of the esthetics of analog tape is the result of tape saturation. When the magnetic partials on analog tape become saturated, they created the best compression that ever existed. The result was a fat and dense signal which was both warm and punchy.

RSO created a plugin to do just that with Extreme Punch, and made it easy to use and fool proof.

For more information, visit their web site at

Recording School Online Extreme Punch VST Plug-In Demo

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