Yamaha Debuts New Instrument Care Products

Yamaha has developed a new line of instrument care products that clean, restore, protect and preserve a wide variety of musical instruments. The products are available individually or together as an All-in-One Instrument Care System.

The new line includes a Deep Conditioning Deluxe Polish, Spray & Shine Instant Polish, String & Hardware Cleaner, Satin Finish Protective Polish and a Microfiber Instrument Polishing Cloth. Ideal for all musicians, the products will resonate especially with mature players who respect and cherish their instruments.

The Deep Conditioning Deluxe Polish helps remove light scratches and swirl marks. It also contains emollients that help create a “wet-look” finish on high-shine surfaces. The Spray & Shine Instant Polish removes dust, fingerprints, smudges and body oils from all polished surfaces. UV inhibitors prevent premature wear and aging. String & Hardware Cleaner removes harmful oils and grime from guitar strings, cymbals, and other musical equipment, emulsifying the dirt and making it disappear with one wipe.

The Satin Finish Protective Polish is designed specifically for pianos and drums, and leaves a finish that helps resist scratches and shines like new.

Yamaha’s new line of instrument care products will be available for delivery in August 2006. MSRP’s range from $9.99 to $12.49 for individual components; the All-in-One Instrument Care System is $29.99.

For more information, visit their web site at www.yamaha.com.

Yamaha Instrument Care Products

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