Smokin Loops Releases Smokin’ Joe’s Harmonica Loops

Smokin Loops, a company offering hard-to-find acidized wav loops, is beginning business by releasing its first loop library.

Smokin’ Joe’s Harmonica Loops is a collection of loops performed by Joe Hendrick. Joe has been playing harmonica for over 30 years and is accomplished in the Rock, Blues, and Country, Folk, and Bluegrass styles. His first loop library is from the Rock & Blues style. This is an awesome collection of loops with many of the loops being over 4 measures long so as to make inserting a lead in a bridge easy and fast.

The loops are recorded without effects; however, Smokin Loops has included a section of loops that were recorded through a dirty sounding amp that is totally smokin’ and great for a nasty sounding Rock and Blues. The library features:

  • The loops are offered in both 16 bit (on CD) or 32 bit (on DVD)
  • Over 1000 acidized wav files (665 MB on CD or 1.39 GB on DVD)
  • 427 loops are recorded through a dirty sounding amp
  • The loops are recorded in 4 keys A,C, E, and G for easy pitch shifting
  • The loops are recorded in both 90 and 120 bpm for easy stretching into any project

Smokin’ Joe’s Harmonica Loops retails for $39.95 (16 bit files on CD) or $49.95 (32 bit files on DVD).

For more information, visit their web site at

Smokin Loops Smokin' Joe's Harmonica Loops

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