Peterson Tuners Announces StroboFlip Tuner

The VS-F StroboFlip represents the latest release featuring Peterson’s Virtual Strobe™ tuning technology. With Peterson’s 1/10-cent accuracy—up to 30 times the accuracy of needle/LED tuners—the StroboFlip is at home on stage, in school, or on tech benches for doing instrument setups.

Peterson has greatly expanded its library to 33 tempered and Sweetened™ tunings. Along with the popular GTR & BAS sweetened tunings, the StroboFlip features unique new presets for acoustic guitar, DADGAD, 12-string guitar, E9th and C6th steel guitar, Dobro® and resonator guitar, violin, viola, and cello as well as both tuning and intonation offsets for Buzz Feiten Tuning System® equipped guitars.

The StroboFlip’s compact package includes a power supply, a tuning pickup, and a clamp for mounting to mic & music stands. Its flip design makes it easy and safe to transport, and its backlit front panel is great for stage use.

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Peterson StroboFlip Tuner

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