Editors Keys Releases New Keyboard Set For Logic Pro/Express

Editors Keys.com has released a new keyboard set for Apple’s Logic Pro and Express software.

The Editors Keys Logic Keyboard Key Set is an essential tool for any MAC user running Logic. The Keyboard set is compatible with all versions of Logic, Logic Pro and Logic Express. (please note this audio keyboard set is only compatible with white Mac keyboards)

The Logic Set is the first set of Editors Keys to be semi transparent, which means users who have their own shortcut set-up, can simply apply the shortcuts to those settings.

For beginners, or users who want to use a default setting all they have to do is apply the set to the default keys above each sticker and double click our shortcut defaults to be up and running.

The keyboard set transforms your standard keyboard into a fully functional Logic audio editing keyboard, for a fraction of the price of other audio editing keyboard solutions. Costing Just £8.99 currently with 20% off.

Each Key is easily applied to your standard keyboard using our handy applicator, and contains the program shortcut icon and handy text reference telling you exactly what each tool is. In total there are 89 keys.

For more information, visit their web site at www.editorskeys.com.

Editors Keys Keyboard Set For Logic Pro/Express

Editors Keys Keyboard Set For Logic Pro/Express

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