Zen Soundcheck Audio Releases Janus – PC VST Virtual Bass Amp

Janus is a virtual bass amp for VST-compatible hosts. Using separate Contour- knobs for left and right channels, the user can create their own “mixdown” of the material or retain two separate channels to achieve unique, stereophonic bass-sounds. Janus works best on dry, stereo bass-tracks.

Main features:

  • Dual Contour-controls for radical tone-shaping
  • Master volume and treble settings
  • “Deep” knob to boost ultra-low frequency content
  • Soft- and Hard-preamp voicing options
  • Reverb and cabinet resonance controls
  • Includes 16 presets

A free demo version with limited functionality is available for download.

The full version of Janus costs $14 US.

For more information, visit their web site at www.zensoundcheck.com/audio.

Zen Soundcheck Audio Janus PC VST Virtual Bass Amp

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