NevaFong Introduces The Envelight Sound Library For Cakewalk Z3ta+

NevaFong have announced the release of “Envelight Set” for Cakewalk Z3ta+, a new loadable wavetable set with 57 new waveforms and a sound set of 128 top-notch sounds.

Long-standing work experience with various synthesizers made it possible to create sounds which will be interesting both to beginning users and experienced musicians wishing to add new elements in their compositions.

The wavetable set includes 57 new waveforms. Unique waveforms are created on the basis of FM, additive, and subtractive synthesis and experimental modulations.

The soundset also includes 128 high-quality presets sorted by categories: Bass, Fat, FX, FX tone, Keyboard, Lead, Pad, Various.

Background and solo sounds are powerful and soft, with exotic and classical flavors to suit any genre.

Envelight Set costs $45. Demo mp3s are available for download on the Neva Fong website.

For more information, visit their web site at

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