Rayzoon Releases Jamstix 1.7

Rayzoon proudly announces the release of Jamstix 1.7, another massive update for their ground-breaking virtual drummer.

The focus of this update is an improved audio engine that reduces CPU usage and the addition of the brand-new ‘Keyboard Jam’ mode. Aside from this, there are dozens of additions and enhancements, new rhythms, new automation parameters as well as several bug fixes.

All Jamstix owners can download the update free of charge here.

Update Details:

  • Lowered CPU usage through optimized audio processing and improved voice reduction
  • Implemented new jam mode “Keyboard Jam”
  • Added 20 new rhythms as follows:
    • 7 world rhythms, including cha cha, calypso, merengue and soca
    • 6 rock rhythms
    • 4 R&B rhythms
    • 2 jazz rhythms
    • 1 reggae rhythm
  • Automatic fills are now also available in ‘Manual Jam’
  • PDF manual is now fully searchable
  • Console gain meters are now stereo instead of mono sum
  • Added ‘Time Sig Changes’ option to OUTPUT tab. Host synch-up is accelerated if unchecked, fixing possible loop alignment issues
  • Improved ‘Shaping’ function in various ways, including suppression of clicking at high levels
  • Added ‘Dampening’ slider to the ‘Ambience’ control panel to simulate smaller rooms
  • Added options ‘Create 2-Bar Pattern’ and ‘Create 4-Bar Pattern’ to arranger rhythm name right-click menu, which allow the quick creation of multi-bar patterns
  • Bars that have snare or tom accents are now shown with a black center line in the arranger
  • Added ‘2x 16th’ as an option for the hihat quarter column
  • When editing hihat quarter and eighths columns, the velocity is now only reset to default if it is currently zero
  • Improved fill start time suppression options
  • Added option ‘Simplify by suppressing 16th notes’ to the fill options
  • Improved reggae rhythms and added ‘shuffle’ keyword to them
  • Improved hihat choking sound when choked by low velocity closed hat event
  • Added ‘Drive/Laid-Back Timing’ automation parameter which allows setting a constant earliness (drive) or lateness (laid-back) of the drums
  • BFD mappings now have anti-machine gun mode enabled
  • Increased limb transition time for snare ghost notes to account for stick drag time
  • Improved hihat import logic for 8ths and added missing logic for 16ths
  • Mapping tab output lock state is now recalled via ini profile
  • Selecting ‘Normal’ character no longer switches off shuffling
  • Clicking ‘Free Jam’ no longer clears the current arrangement
  • When using fill filter start time limits with fills that issue rhythm silencing before the start time limit, the rhythm is no longer silenced until the fill is allowed to start
  • Added new automation parameters to dynamically control fill options during a performance
    • Fill – Start Limiter
    • Fill – Rhythm Silencer
    • Fill – Toms On Snare
    • Fill – No 16ths
  • Added warning message if sounds are missing
  • Output grouping now also applies to percussion sounds
  • Added voice limiter to restrict maximum voice load to around 60 (90 on min reduction level)
  • Improved + column hihat velocity logic and fixed suppressed semi hats in that column under certain cirucmstances
  • Added ini option ‘SpeedFilterBPM’ to set a BPM above which certain 16th notes and all 32nd notes in fills and accents will be suppressed to avoid unnaturally fast performances
  • The velocity threshold for switching from snare head to sidestick can now be adjusted in the general ini settings (Velocity_Autoside, 0..1). Default is 0.5 (used to be 0.7 so adjust if you need the old style)
  • The velocity thresholds for the reduction logic can now be adjusted in the general ini settings:
    • Velocity_Reduction1 0..1 Default=0.4
    • Velocity_Reduction2 0..1 Default=0.3
    • Velocity_Reduction3 0..1 Default=0.2
    • Velocity_Reduction4 0..1 Default=0.1
  • Added notice above arranger in free and keyword jam indicating that Jamstix is controlling the arrangement in those modes
  • Fixed increasing CPU usage over time in Podium and forte
  • Fixed problem with Jamstix ‘freezing’ after loading first internal sample in some hosts under certain circumstances
  • Fixed a problem that could lead to an infinite loop when using empty default mappings or missing stock sounds under certain circumstances
  • Fixed delayed playing of accents suppressed by a silent rhythm or post-fill pause
  • Fixed GUI freeze in n-Track when closing several listboxes without selection
  • Fixed MIDI export tempo offset by 1BPM when the host sends tempo information in .9999 format

For more information, visit their web site at www.rayzoon.com.

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