Aviom Ships The AN-16/o Output Module

Now with convenient DB25 connectors, the new AN-16/o converts 16 channels of uncompressed, 24-bit digital data transmitted via A-Net into sixteen discrete mic- or line-level analog audio output channels.

Aviom’s newly updated AN-16/o Output Module is now shipping—with the flexibility of improved mic and line output levels, convenient DB25 multipins for audio connections, and heavy duty locking Neutrik EtherCons for network connections. The AN-16/o Output Module will make its debut at AES 2006 (Booth# 123).

The new AN-16/o provides sixteen balanced mic- or line-level analog outputs, with switchable output levels per channel pair. Audio outputs feature secure DB25 multipin connectors. With both mic- and line-level outputs available, connecting to a console is simpler and more flexible.

The AN-16/o can be used both on stage and at front of house to provide outputs to consoles, as well as to amplifiers and speaker processors. Adding a split for recording or broadcast is as quick as running a Cat-5e cable to the additional locations and connecting additional AN-16/o modules as needed. Any number of AN-16/o Output Modules can be connected in a system, providing unlimited lossless digital splitting of an audio stream.

The built-in A-Net Expansion jack also allows easy integration into an existing Pro16 Monitor Mixing System, as well as a path for building 32-channel systems (16×16 or 32×0) on a single Cat-5e cable. The AN-16/o is also fully compatible with the AN-16SBR System Bridge, which supports 64-channel systems in a variety of bi-directional configurations. All network connections on the AN-16/o now use heavy duty locking Neutrik EtherCon connectors.

In applications where cable runs exceed the 500ft/150m supported by A-Net on Cat-5e, the AN-16/o can be used with media converters and fiber optics.

For more information, visit their web site at www.aviom.com.

Aviom AN-16/o Output Module

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