GVOX Announces MasterTracks Pro Version 6.8.4

GVOX has announced the lastest update to MasterTracks Pro.

MasterTracks Pro for Windows has been fixed. The easiest to use MIDI sequencer on the market is once again in full working order.

GVOX knows that many have shared in the frustrations of some of the bugs that were in MTPro 6.8.3. The software primarily worked, after you may have contacted technical support or visited our knowledgebase. The bugs in the code frustrated our developers too. However, our new, crackerjack developers went right to work on MasterTracks Pro after completing the rebuilding of Encore and Musictime Deluxe for Mac OSX.

The following bugs were fixed:

  • Edit sysex, program crash
  • Slide data didn’t work right
  • Single clicks in the track editor didn’t open windows
  • Shift/click to the record controller info didn’t work
  • Request to make “Choose Instrument” dialog bigger so no need for scroll bar didn’t work
  • Menu inactivated at song end, including Save Preferences
  • Click any .mts file to open – error message “: only allowed with drive letter” would show
  • Thru on a B-port channel, it plays through the correct channel, but on the A-port
  • Songs couldn’t be reordered like on Mac
  • Stuck Sound when hit stop in middle of sustained note
  • Empty field boxes in the Track Editor Program Name column were filled with a whole bunch of grayed-out characters
  • In Windows 2000 and XP taskmanager ran at 99%
  • Now tempo offset affects current time
  • Current time” changes according to time base setting
  • Mousing deactivated main menu
  • External sync was non functional
  • Timing/tempo issue in playback/record caused a gradual “lag”

For more information, visit their web site at www.gvox.com.

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