iPlayMusic Announces New Music Lesson Programs

IPlayMusic enables students to easily incorporate active music making into their daily lives, with the ability to export lessons onto the iPod.

By combining audio, video, animation and interactive technologies, iPlayMusic’s beginner guitar lessons put the fun into learning guitar by teaching users to play actual songs by popular recording artists.

What’s more, iPlayMusic provides a less-expensive and time-sensitive alternative to traditional music study. There is no need to drive back and forth to lessons or purchase costly sheet music. There is no ramp up time as students can purchase their guitar, bring it home and immediately have fun playing songs.

For a sneak peak of iPlayMusic’s suite of music leaning products, visit the site at www.iplaymusic.com for free demos. The following products are currently available for children and adults:

Beginner Guitar Lessons Interactive DVD; Levels 1 and 2
Each lesson presents four on-screen panels that demonstrate a basic guitar skill or technique from different angles. To help beginners master a song or to enable a “karaoke-style” sing-along, a guitar, vocal or scrolling text sections can be easily added or removed.

Beginner Guitar Lessons Level 1 introduces the musician to guitar basics and musical styles. Guitar anatomy, chords, strumming patterns and transitions are demonstrated, as is an introduction to various musical styles, including rock, blues, country and more.

Level 2 presents the next step in content for players interested in mastering the guitar. They are introduced to riffs, licks and tricks that expand on the rock, blues and country styles initiated in Level 1. In addition, musicians are introduced to new styles like reggae and 12 bar-blues.

Beginning Guitar Lessons, Level 1 and 2 are available on www.iplaymusic.com, eBay and Amazon. Each is available for $24.95 as a DVD or for download.

Beginner Guitar Lessons Mac Software
iPlayMusic Beginner Guitar Lessons for the Mac takes advantage of iLife applications including GarageBand, iTunes and iWeb. Aspiring musicians have everything they need to learn guitar, play and sing popular songs and easily create their own performances, which can then be downloaded to iTunes to share with friends.

The software includes more than four hours of video, presented in 140 individual lessons featuring iPlayMusic’s multi-angle video learning method. Users can learn to play more than 25 popular songs made famous by artists like The Beatles and Eric Clapton. Song lessons include guitar chord videos, scrolling lyrics for sing-along, and tips on riffs, transitions, strumming and more.

Beginner Guitar Lessons for the Mac is available for $49.95 at www.iplaymusic.com and carried in select retail stores. A PC version of the product will be available this September.

Play Music Together Interactive DVD Video and Mac Software
Play Music Together, a new Mac software and DVD video product, help preschoolers develop their musical skills and encourages families to learn to play the guitar together.

The interactive learning product features scrolling chords and lyrics, close-ups of the left and right hands and looping features that enables children to learn songs by playing or singing along at their own pace. Capo the puppet models fun songs and activities, so youngsters develop an understanding and appreciation of musical elements including rhythm, tempo and pattern, while parents, teachers or caregivers play along and join in the fun. After just a few basic lessons, children can play and sing-along with six popular family songs including If You’re Happy and You Know It and The Wheels on the Bus.

Play Music Together for the Macintosh is available for $39.95. The video-only DVD version is sold separately for $24.95. The PC version of Play Music Together will be available in September.

For more information, visit their web site at www.iplaymusic.com.

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