Lexicon Partners With Wenger To Develop “Virtual Acoustic Environment” For Music Education

Lexicon Pro™, a Harman International Company, has announced a collaboration with Wenger Corp. in the development and release of Wenger’s new Virtual Acoustic Environment™ (VAE™), a virtual environment simulator aimed at the music education market as a rehearsal/teaching aid.

Using Lexicon’s patented technology, the VAE creates extraordinary acoustic room simulations with settings that include Baroque Room, Recital Halls, Auditoriums, Cathedral and Arena. These active acoustic simulations contribute to the sensation of being enveloped — or surrounded — by the sound, and enable musicians to hear themselves as if they were performing inside a particular space. Based on Wenger’s revolutionary V-Room® technology, the new VAE offers an integrated music learning environment with active acoustics for “audio virtual reality” simulations and features built-in recording/playback capabilities.

The VAE can record up to nine single-track sessions with a 60 minute total recording time. Audio transfer of recordings is possible through the built-in USB connection in standard stereo .wav format (44.1 kHz, 16-bit). Accompaniment music may also be transferred to the VAE via this USB connection. By selecting from the nine active-acoustic settings, musicians can learn how to optimize their performance in different environments.

Designed for installation in a Wenger sound-isolated music practice room, the VAE features easy, intuitive operation, including visual feedback from an LED display and backlit, 18-button control panel. An optional foot control provides convenient, hands-free playback and recording.

For more information, visit their web site at www.lexiconpro.com.

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