Swineshead Pickups Introduces The Dragonfly Single Coil Guitar Pickup

Custom pickup manufacturer Swineshead has introduced a new single coil pickup called the Dragonfly.

The Dragonfly provides a range of punchy single coil tones in every position. The tone is warmer than that of the Swineshead’s other singlecoils and this, combined with the slightly overwound coils, make it a great choice for louder styles of music.

Like all other Swineshead pickups, the Dragonfly is available in a wide range of colours, exotic woods and graphic designs. Plastic Dragonflies are £34.95 each whilst the wooden Dragonflies are £44.95 each. Each pickup is handmade in the English village of Swineshead and comes with all the necessary screws and springs to mount it in your guitar.

DC Resistances:
Bridge – 8.0k
Middle – 7.4k
Neck – 7.1k
Magnet: Alnico V Rods

For more information, visit their web site at www.swinesheadpickups.com.

Swineshead The Dragonfly Single Coil Guitar Pickup

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