Precisionsound Releases Owerland Guitar For SoundFont, HALion, And NI Kontakt

The Owerland steel string guitar has been recorded with mono and stereo microphones and later mixed down, equalised and compressed for a discrete ready to use stereo sound suitable for melodic playing and arpeggios.

This is a well treated guitar sound that works in a mix for a broad range of music styles.

The Owerland Guitar SampleSet contains 182 Stereo WAV samples mapped in 4 velocity layers divided into 2 programs; “Owerland Picked” and “Owerland FX”

The SampleSet contains:
2 programs for HALion/Kontakt versions (24bit 44.1 KHz)
2 programs for SoundFont version (16bit 44.1 KHz)

The SoundFont versions are 100% compatible with all virtual samplers supporting the SoundFont format, like Gigastudio, HALion, Kontakt, EXS24, VSampler, NN-XT, Dimension, Sfz, Audigy and Emulator X.

All formats are included when you buy Owerland Guitar so you can download whatever format you like or all of them.

Owerland Guitar costs $29 (+$11 if you want it on CD).

For more information, visit their web site at

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