Godlyke, Inc. Distributes DNA Analogic Guitar Effects In USA

Godlyke Inc. has been named as exclusive U.S. distributor for the DNA Analogic line of guitar effects. One of Japan’s top boutique brands, DNA Analogic effects feature unique analog circuit designs that offer marked improvements over traditional effects and a refreshing change from the host of “vintage clones” pervading the marketplace. DNA Analogic effects provide the user with new creative inspiration without compromising their existing signature sound.

Each DNA Analogic model features the following:

  • High-strength cast aluminum chassis increases electrical induction and improves sound quality
  • Heavy-duty metal knobs offer longer life and more reliable circuit grounding
  • True bypass switching w/a 3PDT switch assures transparent operation in bypass
  • Top-mounted In/Out and AC jacks avoid accidental disconnection and reduce pedal footprint
  • Battery or AC adaptor operation
  • 3-year, no questions asked warranty

Available DNA Analogic models are as follows:

BD-1 Bass Dragger – Offers the Bassist a wide range of boost and saturation effects without compromising the original tone of their instrument. List $300/Street $240

GF-2 Gain Fxxker – High-Gain distortion offers chunky saturation akin to a cranked Triple Rectifier. Cut and Fxxk controls allow fine tuning of ultra-low and ultra-high frequencies. List $300/Street $240

ME-1 Mr. Eight – Cordless, rechargeable battery operated power supply provides stabilized voltage to eight effects for up to 4 hours of continuous use. List $300/Street $240

PP-1 Purple Phase – Innovative phasing circuit allows for expression pedal control of phaser sweep. Dual mode operation provides vintage and modern phasing effects. List $325/Street $275

SF-1 Smoky Fuzz – Combines past and present technologies to create a wide palette of fuzz effects from sparkling, full-frequency boost to the sizzling, “hauling” effect of vintage fuzzes. List $300/Street $240

VT-1 Virtual Tube – Ultra low-noise OpAmps and other high-quality components re-create the natural saturation of vintage tube amps without the low-end cut of other overdrives. List $300/Street $240

For more information, visit their web site at www.godlyke.com.

Godlyke DNA Analogic Guitar Effects

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