Audeon Updates UFO Soft Synth To v.1.02

Audeon updates UFO software synthesizer to v1.02. UFO is a software synthesizer built upon Audeon’s proprietary TransModal Synthesis technology. Its oscillator model is controlled by perceptual attributes such as Periodicity, Brightness, Noisiness or Chaos, etc, lying on 2D controllers.

Programming a sound simply consists of balancing these attributes by placing dots on the controllers, and modulating them graphically by drawing arrows. The hundreds of simultaneous possible modulations offer unparalleled expressivity, while the very intuitive user interface makes sound programming particularly easy. It is available as a VST plugin for PC & Mac.

What’s new in v1.02:

  • 50% more factory presets
  • Improved graphics for better parameter readability
  • Bug fix that could potentially have crashed the plugin
  • “MIDI forget” feature now working
  • Asks if you want to save the current preset only when it was actually modified

UFO Light is updated to V1.02 as well.

UFO Mac public beta also undergoes an update to 0.91 with enhanced graphics and presets.

For more information, visit their web site at

Audeon UFO Soft Synth v.1.02

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