T3 Releases T3 Volume 5: Sytrus Sound Bank For ImageLine’s Sytrus Synth

T3 has released the T3-Volume 5: Sytrus sound bank. This new bank of settings for ImageLine’s award-winning synthesizer, Sytrus, contains 128 unique, inspiring, and passionately programmed presets. A broad sonic palette is presented through deep basses, wild leads, evolving pads and textures, inspirational sequences, and much, much more.

Also included in the package is T3’s Sytrus Toolbox: a collection of time-saving envelope settings, keyboard mappings, wave cycles, and other useful files, to aid users in the creation of their own sounds. The entire collection has been made available in Steinberg FXB/FXP format, as well as FLStudio’s own FST format for maximum compatibility.

The bank is available immediately from the T3 website and costs $20.00 (USD). Once your order is processed, you will be redirected to the download area for your product. Also, in order to use this product, you must update to the latest version of Sytrus (version 2.2).

For more information, visit their web site at www.t3.totcproductions.com.

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