CAPS CTA Aiming Software For HK Audio’s ConTour Array™ Available

The CAPS Software which is already well-known from COHEDRA™ and COHEDRA COMPACT™ is now available also for the new ConTour Array™.

The CAPS CTA Software enables the simulation of the projection behavior of a ConTour Array™ system in a specific venue. It allows rapid virtual construction of venues featuring up to three audience areas. Up to five flown CTA 208 mid/high units can easily be simulated. For stacked applications, you can make up a ground-stack simulation by one mouse click.

Creative work is carried out in the Setup menu; with the help of the adjustable angles of the DualCurve™ system, the resulting sound projection data is computed and displayed. The software also calculates delay times and sound pressure for different audience positions. This allows for reliable prediction of obtainable SPL values (Peak/Continuous/A-weighted) as well as precise analysis in 1/3-, 1- and 3-octave steps and two-dimensional mapping.

The Rigging menu captures data parameters for weight, centre of gravity, overall height and the angles between the individual mid/high units. The software was developed in cooperation with Software Design Ahnert (SDA) and is based on the CAPS version for COHEDRA™ and COHEDRA COMPACT™.

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CAPS CTA HK Audio’s ConTour Array™

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