FabFilter Releases FabFilter Twin 1.20 And Volcano 1.20

FabFilter has released updates to FabFilter Twin and FabFilter Volcano. The new versions contain bug fixes as well as improvements and new features.

•Added MIDI program change handling. Any preset can now be loaded by sending bank select and program change MIDI messages.

•Added optional interactive help. When this feature is activated, help texts will appear when the user moves the mouse over any control in the plug-in interface.

•Fixed a bug that could cause Twin or Volcano to freeze on Apple G5 Quad systems when changing presets.

•Added a ‘polarity’ option to the LFO’s in Twin, which can be used to produce either waveforms between -1 and 1 (original behaviour) or positive-only waveforms between 0 and 1.

•Reduced memory usage of Twin by 50%.

•Slightly reduced memory usage of FabFilter Volcano and improved filters to use less CPU.

•Other minor bug fixes.

The new versions are fully backwards-compatible with earlier versions and should load songs and presets written by the older version without any problems. These updates are free for existing users and grants others a new evaluation period.

For more information, visit their web site at www.fabfilter.com.

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