Carvin Announces UX1000 Wireless System

Carvin proudly announces the introduction of the UX1000 Wireless System. Featuring 960 user selectable channels with diversity UHF receivers, assignable groups, and the ability to choose either Carvin’s handheld microphone specifically designed for the UX1000, or a belt pack version for use with other accessories, the UX1000 represents the state-of-the-art in wireless diversity systems and delivers natural sound and the freedom of movement today’s performing artists demand.

The new UX1000 is available in two configurations: the UX1000-BP, which includes a body pack with an industry-standard 4-pin mini XLR connector that supports condenser microphones as well as Hi-Z (high impedance) instrument pickups plus the UX1000 receiver; and the UX1000-MC, which includes a handheld microphone specifically developed for use with the UX1000, plus the UX1000 receiver. With the UX1000-BP, performers have the freedom of ordering Carvin’s UXGT instrument cable, UX-HM2 headset mic, or UX-LP1 lavalier mic separately. Additional body packs are also available.

Carvin’s new UX1000 receiver is based on Diversity PLL Synthesized technology for robust performance and natural sound quality. The UX1000 is a true diversity receiver featuring two antennas that each feed independent RF receivers on the same channel. Further, the unit supports 960 user selectable channels—enabling performers to find a clear, open channel regardless of their physical location. To better facilitate channel management, the UX1000’s vast number of channels can be divided into four assignable groups. With a 50 HZ – 19 kHz frequency range and a signal-to-noise ratio of 101 dB, the UX1000 has the performance capabilities that enable the system to be used in the most challenging environments.

To simplify operation and keep users informed, the UX1000 provides a low battery indicator. Additionally, this exceptional unit has the ability to inform the FOH (front of house) or Monitor engineer whether or not the microphone is turned on. Together, these features make Carvin’s UX1000 a reliable performer that provides the necessary equipment status to ensure trouble-free, dependable operation.

The new Carvin UX1000 is sold factory direct at $399 for the UX1000-BP configuration and $429 for the UX1000-MC version. The UX1000 will be available Fall 2006.

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