Digidesign Ships X-Form

Digidesign® is now shipping X-Form™, a new high-quality AudioSuite™ plug-in that represents the pinnacle of time compression/expansion and pitch-shifting technology. X-Form delivers unparalleled time stretching and formant-correct pitch shifting to Pro Tools® and Avid DNA™ systems to produce natural-sounding results—even at the most extreme settings—making it ideal for music production, sound design, post production, or any other application that requires time-stretch and pitch-shift processing.

“The secret to X-Form’s natural-sounding, polyphonic, time-stretching algorithm is frequency domain processing, a technology proven more effective than the ‘frame overlap’ algorithms used in most time-stretching products,” reveals Digidesign Senior Product Manager Bobby Lombardi.

Getting high quality, professional results is easy. X-Form features minimal controls to simplify the workflow, yet delivers stunning sound quality whether audio is processed from 1/8 to eight times its original length, or shifted up or down three octaves. Simply choose from two algorithms—Polyphonic or Monophonic—and let X-Form do the rest.

The Polyphonic algorithm is ideal for use on complex audio files, such as chords or an entire stereo mix. This algorithm is truly “best in breed,” and when used with the Transient Sensitivity control, allows you to compress or stretch drum loops and other percussive material without losing crucial attack transients. When working with solo instruments or vocals, simply choose the Monophonic algorithm. Each algorithm was designed to provide exceptional results capable of preserving proper stereo imaging, attack transients, and timing accuracy—even at exaggerated settings.

X-Form is available now via authorized Digidesign dealers and through the online DigiStore for $595 US MSRP.

For more information, visit their web site at www.digidesign.com.

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