The Drum Rudiment Encyclopedia (Calling all Drum Teachers)

A new popular drumming education web site – is currently embarking on a huge project. An encyclopedia of all known Drum Rudiments!

The site features a large alphabetical list of rudiments already including easy to read examples, performance tips, free PDF sheet music and video tutorials. The large list of rudiments is also broken down into three categories – PAS Rudiments, Hybrid Rudiments and Other Rudiments.

Calling all Drum Teachers!

“The Rudiment Encyclopedia will be a constant work in progress. I am gradually working through all the rudiments I know and I hope this will eventually become a free online guide to every known rudimental pattern ever!

If you know of a rudiment that is not listed in this encyclopedia, please contact me and help me to keep this educational resource complete.”

You can visit the Rudimental Encyclopedia at

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