Lick Library Launches Andy James’ Metal Rhythm Guitar in 6 Weeks

Continuing in their quest to give guitarist the widest possible resources, Lick Library release the definitive Andy James’ Metal Rhythm Guitar in Six Weeks to follow on from the huge success of Andy James’ Shred Guitar in Six Weeks .

The six week DVD guitar tuition course has been put together in a way that sets sensible realisable targets, which teach you a wide range of different techniques, concepts and licks helping you understand and play metal rhythm guitar. Most importantly you can do it all at your own pace.

Andy James is one of the UK’s rising stars in the world of shred and metal guitar and has taught thousands of budding shredders world-wide through his DVDs and tutorials. He is also the lead guitarist for the band Sacred Mother Tongue, who played Download Festival last year and this year have just been confirmed for this summer’s UK Sonisphere Festival.

Lick Library is confident that by following the Andy James’ Metal Rhythm Guitar in Six Weeks course you will be able to see and hear genuine progress in the way you play metal rhythm guitar. Following the tuition DVDs week plan, your guitar playing will quickly begin to show discernable differences. Each DVD is broken down into easily absorbable logical sections which teach you different rhythm patterns to help your playing in real musical situations.

Here are just some of the areas covered in the six week series:

  • Week one includes: Standard tuning, palm and left hand muting, and more with four metal jam tracks.
  • Week two includes: Drop D tuning, chord progressions and phrasing, and more plus three metal jam tracks
  • Week three includes: Drop C# tuning, odd rhythms over a 4/4 beat, and more plus two metal jam tracks.
  • Week four includes: E flat tuning, complete song breakdown, triplets, and more plus a metal jam track.
  • Week five includes: Arpeggiated riffs, pedal tone riffs, and more plus a metal jam track.
  • Week six includes: Drop C tuning, odd rhythms, phrygian dominant scales, and more plus metal jam track.

All of the metal jam tracks have been specially devised by Andy himself to support your progress and help you practice all the things you have learnt. Stay with the six week plan and Lick Library guarantee your metal rhythm guitar playing will improve. The full set of six DVD’s retail for £79.99 or can be purchased individually at £16.99.

To find out more about this exciting new Guitar Lesson DVD format and all the other inspiring options Lick Library offer visit today and place your order now.

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