Orange Amp Endorsees win at the Relentless Energy Drink Kerrang! Awards 2010

Orange Amps, one of the most recognisable and widely used guitar amps in the world, were well represented by their endorsees at the Relentless Energy Drink Kerrang! Awards 2010 last night.

Serial Kerrang! Award winners Lostprophets were back again last night as they added the coveted Classic Songwriter Award to their impressive collection. Guitarists Lee Glaze and Mike Lewis use a selection of Orange gear including the AD30 Combo, Thunderverb200 and Rockerverb 50 heads, with PPC412 cabs. Lostprophets bassist Stuart Richardson uses the Orange OBC410 and 115 with AD200 heads.

You And Me At Six, a band with a big future, picked up the sought after Best Single at the 2010 awards. Guitarist Max Miller and Chris Helyer both use Orange Thunderverb 200 and Rockerverb 50 heads with PPC412 cabs to help get that distinctive Orange sound.

The best video award went to Biffy Clyro for their awesome recording featuring the band captured on a boat out on the high seas. New Band member guitarist Mike Vennart is an Orange endorsee and uses their Retro 50 custom shop head.

To find out more about the Orange gear and what these Kerrang! Award winners were using visit

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