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Drum Channel Announce Luis Conte, Jonathan Moffett and Terry Bozzio Drum Jam

Drum Channel’s philosophy of working with the best drummers in the world continues with the announcement today of an exclusive Drum Jam with  the legendary Luis Conte, Jonathan Moffett and Terry Bozzio on February 24th 2011at 6 pm PST/EST.

This DC Drum Jam rebroadcast follows the tried and tested drum jam format of letting the drummers perform, interpret, improvise the most astounding rhythmic themes, letting the music evolve naturally. Jamming by its very nature allows the drummers to experiment and play off each other and you’ll see the most amazing chops, fills and playing during this half hour long exclusive session.

Jonathan Moffett got the nickname ’Sugarfoot’ because of his exceptional bass drum technique. He has worked with Michael and Janet Jackson, as well as the entire Jackson family band. Other credits include George Michael, Elton John, Lionel Riche and he is truly a drummer to the stars.

Grammy award winning Luis Conte is a master percussionist renowned for his artistry and virtuoso displays. During his celebrated career he has worked with some of the greatest names in the industry including Madonna, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Ray Charles, Cher, Celine Dion, and Cristina Aguilera to name but a few.

Joining them is the legendary Terry Bozzio of Frank Zappa and Missing Persons fame. He is known for his various bass drum and hi-hat permutations whilst soloing against these rhythms. Terry has worked with a host of super stars including Steve Vai, Dweezil Zappa, Jeff Beck, Billy Sheehan and more.

To see this three way Drum Jam Triad log on at to watch and find out news on what else is coming up!

Institute vocal student Raphaella impresses at the Roundhouse

Institute of Contemporary Music Performance vocal Degree student, Raphaella is continuing to impress the Roundhouse contingent originally being selected for the EMI/Roundhouse 30:30 Project. In September 2010 she was given the opportunity to record her original song ‘Cupid’s Arrow’ in the EMI studio with producer Joe Fields, which was then released on Roundhouse Records as part of the 30:30 Album.

Following the success of Raphaella’s recording the Roundhouse has invited her to be part of the Roundhouse Rising Festival, with the Un-Convention Factory on the 26th Feb. She has been selected as one of the six artists that will be recreating The Clash’s iconic album- London’s Calling, covering ‘I’m Down’, with 25,000 free downloads of the cover made available that day. Running alongside the recording, music industry experts and BBC Radio presenters will be holding debates and panel discussions throughout the day with the whole event open to the public.

Raphaella comments: ‘Over the past few months I’ve been lucky enough to take part in some really exciting events such as the Hard Rock Cafe gig with the Institute, BMI, Gibson and SAE, a number of the Roundhouse projects, and even put on my own charity gig as part of the degree course at Bush Hall. My advice is take advantage of every opportunity because you never know where they may lead!’

For more information events and masterclasses at the Institute, contact us directly:

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Rotosound increase Range of Classical Guitar Strings

Rotosound Classical Guitar strings are engineered to a high tension characteristic specifically designed for finger style playing. The strings are manufactured in the UK using state of the art tools and machinery (designed by Jason How, Chairman and CEO, himself), from only the finest materials to give the discerning classical guitarist strings they can rely on time and time again.

The Superia Classical (CL1 and CL2 RRP £7.95) consist of silver wound basses and nylon trebles. These are ideal where a crisp bright tone is required. These come with a ball end or as tie-ons. Available as:-

CL1 NN 1, 2, 3 – Trebles and NNC 4, 5, 6 – Basses (Ball End)

CL2 NR 1, 2, 3 – Trebles and NNR 4, 5, 6 – Basses (Tie On)

Now added to the Classical Guitar range are a series of grade 1 professional strings:-

The Superia Pro (CL3 RRP £8.95) – these wound strings are silver-plated copper on a nylon core with the plain strings being high quality rectified nylon.

The Black n’ Silver (CL4 RRP £8.95) – are as the Superia Pro, with plain strings in high quality black rectified nylon.

The Silk n’ Steel (CL5 RRP £8.95) – these wound strings are silver plated copper on a nylon and steel core with plain stings of high quality plated steel.

The new strings are available as:-

CL3 NRH 1, 2, 3 – High quality rectified nylon and NRH 4, 5, 6 – Silver plated copper/nylon core

CL4 BS 1, 2, 3 – High quality rectified black nylon and BS 4, 5, 6 – Silver plated copper/nylon core

CL5 SS 1, 2, 3 – High quality plated steel and SS 4, 5, 6 – Silver plated copper/nylon & steel core

Rotosound Classical Strings are designed for players that enjoy an ease of playing, whilst giving an unrivalled performance, consistency of sound and the true measure of quality an unmistakable tone. The new classical guitar strings bring an extra touch of class to the Rotosound range.

To find out more visit

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Institute alumnus wins at the International Acoustic Music Awards

Institute of Contemporary Music Performance alumnus Roland Albertson (guitar Higher Diploma) won ‘Best Male Artist’ at this year’s International Acoustic Music Awards.

The International Acoustic Music Awards promotes excellence in acoustic music performance and artistry, assisting deserving acts in exposing their music to a worldwide audience.  Winners of the competition were judged by a panel of music industry professionals including A&R from major labels (SonyBMG, Warner, EMI, Universal Music), publishers and producers.  As part of his award, Roland will be featured on a compilation disc of winners to be distributed across the United States.

About the song ‘Broken’ that scored him the award, Roland says:

I especially like the guitar in this song because it’s just basic chords in the right place. I believe it doesn’t necessarily need to be complicated to be good. It’s important to always improve your skills but try to figure out what you’re good at and always play at a level you’re comfortable with. I played the slide solo in this song and I just kept it simple and made it sound good and fit the song. It’s one of my favourite parts.

To hear Roland’s winning sound, visit

For more information on courses at the Institute, contact us directly:

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Drum Workshop, Inc. Expands U.S. Manufacturing

The world-renowned, American manufacturer of DW-branded drums, pedals and hardware recently announced the expansion of drum production at its more than 80,000 square foot facility in Oxnard, California.  The move comes after a careful review of manufacturing processes and material acquisition that found it possible to expand production at one central location.  As part of the restructuring program, the company’s Ensenada, Mexico facility will no longer be utilized and complete operations, including the highly-successful line of DW Performance Series drums, will move to DW’s Oxnard headquarters.

Drum Workshop President and CEO, Chris Lombardi, comments, “We’re really happy to be bringing jobs back to California.  Because we like to offer drummers various price points and bring DW innovation to more drummers, we’ve had to venture overseas in recent years.  Expanding here in Oxnard sends a message to our dedicated employees and our entire industry that we can make high-quality instruments right here in California.”

The expanding California plant currently manufactures and assembles DW Custom Shop drums, including the popular Collector’s Series, Classics Series and Jazz Series, in addition to 9000 Series pedals and a myriad of stands and hardware components.

Drum Workshop Director of Operations, Lynn Robison, adds, “This decision is the result of an ongoing campaign to improve processes and efficiency throughout our manufacturing operations.  The progress we have already realized allows us to consolidate our DW drum lines under one roof.  Our primary focus is to provide our customers with the same quality products and service that have become synonymous with the DW brand.”  Robison adds that the transition will begin in March with the timetable for completion still to be determined.  During the interim period, all DW Custom Shop and Performance Series drums will remain available to order with standard lead times.

Drum Workshop, Inc. is an American manufacturer of professional drums, pedals and hardware.  Many of the world’s top professionals, such as Tommy Lee, Sheila E., Mick Fleetwood, Neil Peart, Max Weinberg and Dave Grohl have made the DW brand “The Drummer’s Choice.”  Drum Workshop is also home to Pacific Drums and Percussion, a full line of production drum and hardware products.

For further information, visit Drum Workshop, Inc. online at:

Win over £2000 Ampeg Gear and be an Ampeg Product demonstrator At The London Bass Guitar Show 2011

Do you have what it takes to be a demonstrator for one of the world’s leading bass amplification brands? Ampeg is offering one lucky winner the chance to win not only this opportunity but also the prospect of walking away with Ampeg gear worth in excess of £2000.

As a demonstrator the winner will be at the forefront of the low end scene, demonstrating the hottest Ampeg gear live at the new London Bass Guitar Show 2011. Then the winner gets to take home with the Ampeg SVT7Pro Head, SVT410HLF Cab and SVT15E Cab with a total RRP of £2103 inc. VAT.

If you think you have what it takes to demonstrate these amazing products go to and upload a video of yourself showing how you can display your bass playing abilities. Your performance, exhibiting all things low end, will be judged by the editor of Bass Guitar Magazine and a senior member of the Loud Technologies Inc. / Ampeg team.

The successful budding Ampeg demonstrator will be notified the week before the show giving them plenty of time to rehearse before making their debut at the UK’s premier bass event, The London Bass Guitar Show 2011.  The competition is only open to UK residents.

And as if that wasn’t enough, during the show you will be presented with the wonderful Ampeg bass gear you get to take home.

To find out more about the London Bass Guitar Show visit and the competition visit

For more information about LOUD Technologies and Ampeg visit

Good Luck!

Rotosound and Bare Knuckle Pickups Get Together To Bring Guitarists The Best Of British

Rotosound and Bare Knuckle Pick Ups have got together to bring the best of British manufacturing to the guitarist – with every Bare Knuckle Pickup you get a free set of Rotosound Strings, the perfect partnership.

Rotosound and Bare Knuckle Pickups are both British manufacturers with uncompromising values, driven by high quality, pioneering vision and innovation. Both companies are forward thinking with products that have risen to legendary status, attracting some big name users and endorsees: Jimi Hendrix, Duff McKagan with Rotosound, Matt Bellamy, Gary Moore and Steve Stevens with Bare Knuckle Pickups.

Jason How (Rotosound CEO) and Tim Mills (Bare Knuckle Pickups Founder and Managing Director) are fanatical about music and avid guitar players always ready to come out fighting for what they believe in and working hard to achieve it. All of the products produced by these companies are renowned for their uniqueness of tone helping to define some of the greatest rock and pop music over the last fifty years.

Tim Mills said ‘Bare Knuckle Pickups always like to put a set of strings in with their pickups, because we want our customers to hear their new pickups at their very best – with new strings!’ Being a British manufacturer and exporter it seems only logical that the strings, BK 10’s (nickel on steel Rotos) were from a fellow British manufacturer, Rotosound. Developed in conjunction with some of the worlds top artists, these unique strings deliver a smooth powerful tone that lasts when others have long gone dead. Superb brilliance and strength make Roto’s the first choice for the professional; the ideal way to show off that new Bare Knuckle Pickup.

To find out more about this perfect partnership of two great British manufacturers visit for Rotosound , and for Bare Knuckle Pickups.

Protection Racket Re-Launch Deluxe Rucksack Cymbal Bag

Protection Racket, world renowned for their soft musical instrument cases, have upgraded and re-launched their top selling Deluxe Rucksack Cymbal Bag.

Protection Racket is a world leader in the production of robust, hard wearing bags for all your musical needs. They are all designed, developed and road tested by gigging musicians to ensure they give you exactly what you need from a bag.

The upgraded deluxe rucksack cymbal bag (Product Code PR6021RS) is beautifully constructed and can be carried like a rucksack, leaving your hands free to carry the rest of your gear. Each ergonomic strap is over stitched with 30mm blinding tape to give it extra strength and filled with 5mm PE foam which makes in bendable and comfortable helping you carry those heavy cymbals with ease.

The deluxe cymbal bag now features new removable Propile dividers in both outer and inner compartments. Both dividers will separate and hold four cymbals, meaning with four cymbals in each divider and another two either side, a total of six fully separated cymbals can be carried in each compartment. Planned so you can get each cymbal in without contact where it is ‘nested’ secure and protected from abrasions and extreme climatic conditions.

In keeping with Protection Rackets totally road proof philosophy the new PR logo embossed AAA zip pulleys are now in satin finished nickel plate steel. They are totally rust proof, and nigh on indestructible. In addition the base of each cymbal bag is reinforced with a 12” polyprop protector sewn between the outer Racketex and inner Propadd guaranteeing your cymbals will not go through the bottom.

The Protection Racket Deluxe Rucksack Cymbal Bag gives effortless transportation, maximum protection and will simple be the best cymbal bag you will ever buy. It is available in a 24”version in a choice of four colours.

Protection Racket is the answer to all your needs, check out the company’s website for further details at

Introducing Guitar Interactive, the free new digital Magazine from Licklibrary

Licklibrary are proud to announce the launch of Guitar Interactive – the world’s first truly interactive magazine for guitarists worldwide. This new digital magazine is free of charge and takes guitar magazine publishing to a new level with the use of video content provided by the world’s premier on-line guitar tuition providers, Licklibrary.

There’s no substitute for having someone demonstrate a product or guitar lick. No matter how well written an article is, the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ holds true and with the use of video footage we could add ‘and a moving picture is worth ten thousand’!

The magazine is edited by the highly respected, award winning and experienced music industry journalist Gary Cooper. Issue one features an extensive overview of one of the world’s most popular guitarists – Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour by Jamie Humphries, as well as an in-depth look at Keith Richards, a history of the Fender Telecaster and an extensive gear review section. The features are brought to life with the use of Lick Library’s professional guitar tuition footage using top teachers.

Issue one has over 120 pages and features almost five hours of free video content, which includes an in-depth interview with Guthrie Govan and fourteen guitar lessons bringing the magazine to life in a truly interactive way. These include learning Prog Rock licks, playing in the style of Dave Gilmour and a range of guitar techniques to help improve your playing. The gear reviews will enable readers to see and get a real sense of the products being discussed with a video demonstration showing the range of options and possibilities on how to use them!

Unlike paper magazines the new digital magazine offers you the opportunity to immediately investigate further technical specs, see alternative views of the products, check advertiser’s websites, email pages to friends or share content via social network sites. The interactive possibilities are endless and will provide a totally new experience for readers wanting to find out more about guitars and guitarists.

Guitar Interactive is available free from, no strings attached!

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The Aussie Floyd Show 2011 reveals worlds first use of 3D Stereographic Visuals on tour

The live touring sensation, The Australian Pink Floyd Show (TAPFS), are back on tour with a series of headline shows across the UK and Europe featuring a world first for rock concerts – 3D Stereographic Visuals.

The band have recruited Hollywood visual effects legend John Attard who has worked on films such as Gladiator, Last Samurai, Harry Potter, Holes and many more. Attard realized that by augmenting the shows with 3D elements he could bring the level of audience involvement in the show to a whole new dimension. The whole show is a visual overload of the senses. Not only from the visuals but from the immersive quadraphonic sound.

Pink Floyd were always a multimedia experience and it seems fitting that TAPFS should be the first to bring the 3D experience to a rock concert. The 3D used in TAPFS is the same as that used in cinemas. The Audience wears 3D polarised glasses, stereo images are then sent to the eyes and the brain sees the whole thing in 3D. Look out for the song Eugene where the audience experience high speed 3D explosions of TV’s!

Add to all that the incomparable laser light show, the quadraphonic sound system, and of course the inevitable inflatables and you have an incredible, spectacular experience waiting for you on TAPFS 2011 Tour. You can see a preview at

UK Tickets are now on sale and can be booked through or or 0844 576 5483 (24 hours). Tickets are selling fast and three shows are already sold out with limited availability on some of the remaining venues! Tickets are priced at £27.50 regional and London £29.50 and are subject to a booking fee.

For further information and European Tour ticket information please see the bands website at

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