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The BC2 by Porter & Davies: The Next Generation silent bass drum monitoring system At New Lower Price

Porter & Davies are excited to announce a major evolution of the infamous BumChum: The BC2. The BC2 includes a large range of upgrades and remarkable technical specifications. All brought to you at a new lower price.

The BC2 gives you great connectivity to your drum kit whilst playing and recording, allowing you to feel and experience your bass drum through your drum throne. Improvements included:-

  • Voltage selector switch for use in the USA, Japan etc.
  • Phantom Power to accommodate both dynamic and condenser microphones.
  • Line XLR socket which now accepts both balanced and unbalanced input.
  • NL4 sockets and connector leads
  • Even smaller and more ergonomic flight case
  • More comfortable thrones (round or tractor) with superior clamping mechanism

The new lower price of £999 inc vat* has been achieved by increasing production volume to meet sales demand and better sourcing of components.

Impressed by technical capabilities of the BC2 and its incredible portability the BC2 already has a number of leading drummers using it and their quotes speak for themselves:

John ‘JR’ Robinson; (Madonna, Michael Jackson, Eric Clapton and more)”Finally, a company comes through and makes a low end monitoring system that works. The BC2 by Porter & Davies is extremely efficient and accurate to every bass drum beat I play. There is no lag time. BC2 is a light weight system that is incorporated into your drum throne. This system can eliminate a subwoofer on stage thus eliminating stage volume. BC2 kicks ass!”

Gavin Harrison; (Porcupine Tree)  “The Porter and Davies BC 2 gives me a reassuring feeling every time I hit the bass drum. It really gives me control of my pedal articulation – and that in turn makes it easier to play the bass drum more accurately”.

Steve White; (Paul Weller) “The BC2 is an integral part of my set up now, both studio and live, it’s not a luxury it’s a necessity.”

Craig Blundell; (Worldwide Roland demonstrator) “Every note you play is felt through your body and it makes monitoring so easy and the V-Drums experience is taken to a whole new level. I can’t begin to tell you how good this is”. “I knew the product was good but never knew it would be THAT good, it’s utterly brilliant.”

Other endorsees include: Jamie Morrison (Duffy), Derrick McKenzie (Jamiroquai), Damon Wilson (Feeder/Ray Davies/Sugarbabes/Joss Stone), Lee Agnew (Nazareth), Ollie Boorman (West End show Chess)

The BC2 is highly portable, small, light and easy to use. It allows you to experience your bass drum like you never have before using bone conduction to deliver powerful, precise and nuanced reproduction without sound. Whether you are playing pub gigs, a jobbing drummer or a touring pro, Audio Techs (and your ears) will love the quieter more controlled stage. You’ll never want to play live again without it.

The BC2 is available now and priced at £999* in the UK. For further details, worldwide pricing and where to buy the product, contact us through our brand new website at

Free Music Training Events Launched by the Institute and Sound Connections

The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance is proud to announce a new partnership with Sound Connections. Working through its network of over 2,500 organisations and practitioners who provide music training and learning opportunities for young people in Greater London, Sound Connections develop better understanding and cooperation among those funding, commissioning, delivering and participating in musical opportunities for young Londoners.

The Institute and Sound Connections share a common goal in supporting, developing and training musicians and young people looking to build a career in music. On the 2nd, 9th and 16th April these two organisations, in collaboration, will present a series of events focused on; working in the music industry, working with the music industry as an artist/musician and careers in music education. These events are free for young people in music and hosted at the Institute’s London facility in North West London. To find out more about each day and to book your place, please visit:

The Institute and Sound Connections, both promoting excellence and innovation in the support and guidance of musicians and artists, will be building on this relationship with other events being planned.

For more information events and masterclasses at the Institute, contact us directly:

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Licklibrary launches iDrum: A free digital magazine for drummers worldwide

LickLibrary is proud to announce the launch of iDrum – the world’s first truly interactive magazine for drummers. iDrum magazine is free of charge and contains news, reviews, lessons and hours of video content. A drum magazine has never looked this good! View issue 1 here at

iDrum has been created by a team led by industry veteran editor Ian Croft. The launch issue of iDrum features part one of an exclusive in-depth 40-minute video interview with Rush’s Neil Peart together with exclusive images from the current ‘Time Machine’ tour. Other video interviews include Derrick Mckenzie (Jamiroquai), Gil Sharone (Dillinger Escape Plan) and legendary British drummer Jon Hiseman. You also get exclusive footage of Simon Phillips and Gavin Harrison preparing for their Guitar Center ‘Drum-Off’ duet.

Issue one features literally hours of interactive drum tuition with outstanding teachers like Pete Lockett, Jamie Borden and Jungle Drummer. Some of the finest schools from the UK and the USA will guide you through a variety of musical styles and skill levels, imparting their knowledge in a number of different ways. These new tutorial videos will allow you to pause, rewind, or skip, as you need. All in all it’s like having one-to-one lessons, in the format of your choice in the comfort of your own room, when you want and with downloadable PDF charts.

iDrum filmed Brian Tichy’s John Bonham Tribute at the Galaxy Theatre in LA– The Groove Remains The Same, featuring ten world-class drummers. Coverage of Sabian Live, staring Chad Smith’s Bombastic Meatbats, Mark Guiliana’s Beat Music, with special guest appearance from Jojo Mayer and sensational Latin band Sinverguenza, featuring Wally Reyes Jr., Ray Islas and their All Star Band is also included: All this is available to watch in issue 1.

The product and gear review section is bought to life by integrated multi-media video journalism. Not only do you get an in-depth look at gear coming to stores near you over the coming year, but you can hear how it sounds too.  Newly released CD and DVD releases are reviewed helping you to make a better judgement when shopping. Better still, you don’t have to put the magazine down, simply click through and find out where it is available, or even order directly.

iDrum’s first issue will include the most comprehensive video round-up of the 2011 NAMM show available on the net. With iDrum’s in depth video reports you are able to view industry product specialists talking about the gear on show, as well as see and listen to artists such as Jojo Mayor discussing his new Sabian Omni cymbals.

As if that wasn’t enough the first issue will also feature a massive competition, giving readers the extraordinary opportunity to win the ultimate Neil Peart package. Worth in excess of $15,000, this piece of drumming history includes a set of four of Neil’s favourite DW touring snares in a red velvet lined road style display case, plus a set of Sabian Paragon Cymbals and a brick of Neil’s custom designed ProMark sticks. This is a once in a lifetime chance to own some seriously collectable Neil Peart signature products, all you need to do to enter is subscribe for FREE!

With over 150 pages iDrum fills a huge gap in the market giving the reader a unique opportunity to engage directly with the magazine’s content. Pages can be shared with fellow players, links can be posted and content sent directly to them on social media channels. Initially, iDrum appears like a print magazine, but you soon appreciate that the online magazine constantly changes as you interact with it, providing a better visual experience, with clearer text and images making it far more informative, exciting and ultimately inspiring.

iDrum is free and easy to use! To check out the first issue

Avid Announces Eleven Rack Expansion Pack

Eleven Rack Expansion Pack: Expanded Guitar Amp Emulation, Vocal and Bass Workflows and Effect.

The Eleven Rack Expansion Pack, a software add-on option for Avid’s award-winning Eleven Rack guitar amp and effects processor, provides a series of new features and enhancements to the system, including:

  • New guitar and bass amp effects emulations—deliver users an expanded sonic palette with 19 new guitar amp and effects emulations, including an all-new bass amp/cabinet simulation that invokes the sounds of legendary bass tones.
  • Parametric EQ and studio compressor channel strip effects—allow customers to easily capture vocal and instrument performances using new channel strip-style signal processing.
  • Dynamic stereo delay—provides customers more options to enhance their sound, create custom effects and widen their guitar tone with full ducking, panning and filtering control on delay feedback.
  • Speaker break-up emulation—re-creates the natural distortion characteristics heard when turning up an analog amp with speaker breakup emulation added to all amps.

Pricing and availability

The Eleven Rack Expansion Pack will be available worldwide on March 22, 2011 for $99 USD / £76.95 via the Avid Web store only.

Specific link to product:

For more information on features and availability, visit:

Jazz fusion master, Laurence Cottle to host Institute masterclass

The Institute is pleased to welcome back their revered visiting faculty member Laurence Cottle for an exclusive bass masterclass at their London facility on Thursday 31st March.

Laurence has performed with some of the world’s greatest artists including Sting, Cher, Brian Eno, Eric Clapton and Black Sabbath.  He is well known and highly respected for his incredible talent in jazz fusion, has recorded music for films such as Lethal Weapon and Mr. Holland’s Opus and is a master of live performance.  Laurence has also composed music for television shows including Matlock, the Oprah Winfrey Show and Good Morning America.

During the day, Institute students will be given the chance to have private lessons with Laurence, followed by a masterclass where the Bass expert will speak about his industry experiences, and demonstrate new techniques.

For more information events and masterclasses at the Institute, contact us directly:

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Drum Channel – New Online DVD Rental Service featuring Neil Peart, Buddy Rich, Mike Portnoy and more

Drum Channel is making available some of the best drummers in the world through the online rental of DVDs including ALL of the Bonus Features! Why wait, when you could watch some of the best DVDs ever, right now!

Drum Channel provides affordable drumming entertainment and lessons, ensuring their customers get true value for their money and access to incredible drummers at all times. This new service allows you to watch for a 5 day period DC’s DVDs for the unbelievable special offer price of $2.95. Try it before you buy it!

Current DVDs available in this service are:

  • Your First Drum Lesson – whether you are a beginner, an amateur or a pro this DVD will be the foundation of your drumming career. Featuring six lessons taught by Chad Smith, Stephen Perkins, Joe Porcaro, Ralph Humphrey and Gregg Bissonette.  (RRP $24.95)
  • Mike Portnoy – created from Mike’s appearance on the Live Art of Drumming Show with Terry Bozzio, following countless requests from fans who wanted to see it again and again. (RRP $24.95)
  • Danny Seraphine: The Art of Jazz Rock Drumming – features performances and lessons by Danny Seraphine, founding member of the band ‘Chicago’.  (RRP $24.95)
  • Buddy Rich: Up Close – see and hear the master at work, special features include slow motion, never before release footage, improved audio mix.  (RRP $19.95)
  • Chad Wackerman Trio Hits Live – Chad Wackerman, with pals Mike Miller (guitar) and Doug Lunn (bass) on board, play a variety of jazz-fusion songs composed by Wackerman himself.  (RRP $19.95)
  • Neil Peart: Fire on Ice, The Making of “The Hockey Theme” – Neil Peart gives a behind the scenes tour of the making of “The Hockey Theme”, recognized as Canada’s second national anthem with Canada’s TSN (The Sports Network). (RRP $24.95)
  • Evolution of Tony Royster Jr. – Tony continues to stretch boundaries and break barriers with his seemingly effortless chops and creativity. Tony performs with mentor Dennis Chambers, drumming legend Terry Bozzio, and his latest project ASAP.  (RRP $24.95)

For less than the price of a cup of coffee, Drum Channel users have the ability to watch these DVDs anywhere and whenever they want, using a range of internet connected devices including TV’s, laptops, and smart phones with high speed connections. Users will be able to play, pause, rewind and fast forward, just as they would an actual DVD.

To take advantage of this special offer go to and get drumming.

Guitar great, Greg Howe delivers exclusive Institute clinic

The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance was proud to present guitar legend Greg Howe for a masterclass on Thursday, 10th March at their London facility.

During his career he has played on Michael Jackson’s ‘History’ tour throughout Europe and Asia, joined pop star Enrique Iglesias on a tour of Europe and  was the lead guitarist on two separate tours of the states for NSYNC, one of which was stadium shows exclusively. In 2003 Greg also performed on a promotional tour with Justin Timberlake, although ultimately ended up having to leave in order to complete work on his 2003 release “Extraction”, the critically acclaimed all-star funk fusion extravaganza featuring electric bass virtuoso Victor Wooten (of the flecktones) and the legendary drummer Dennis Chambers.

In 2008 Greg released his latest album entitled “Sound Proof”, which has been reviewed as one of Howe’s best albums ever. In February 2009 Greg teamed up once more with Justin Timberlake to perform at the 51st Grammy’s Award Show and his self-entitled album “Greg Howe” was recently named #10 in the top ten shred albums of all times by Guitar World Magazine.

Greg shared his techniques, his experience and his thoughts on being a guitar player and an artist in the modern music world at this; his only London date on his European clinic tour.

Institute student Vladimir Ivan commented; “I liked that he gave a realistic and honest answer to the famous question; ‘How can I become a better guitar player?’ His answer (paraphrasing): ‘You have to love what you play and feel positive about it, that’s what you’re going to get good at”.

For more information events and masterclasses at the Institute, contact us directly:

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Rotosound Launch Multi-Purpose Digital Tuners

Rotosound are proud to launch their new Digital Clip-On Tuner and Metronome Tuner designed to be used with a range of stringed instruments including the guitar, bass, ukulele, violin and viola.

These tuners are intuitive to use and work by simply clipping the unit on your instrument, where it can pick up the sting vibration. When the note is played the digital tuner displays it and indicates how close you are to having that note in tune helping you accurately get perfect pitch every time.

The Clip-On Tuner (Product Code AT350) comes with the following specifications:

  • Tuning Items: Chromatic, Guitar, Bass, Violin, Viola
  • Tuning Key: C, F, B♭, E♭
  • Detection Range: A0 (27.5Hz) to C8(4186.0Hz)
  • Pitch Range: 430Hz to 450Hz (1Hz stops)
  • Detection Accuracy: ± 0.5%

The Metronome Tuner (Product Code AMT530) has the following additional specifications:

  • Tuning Items: Ukulele
  • Tempo Range: 30bpm to 260bpm

These ingeniously designed tuners are highly sensitive, very useable, convenient, reliable as well as being stylish with easy to read displays. The build, design and performance of these compact, light weight tuners are of the highest specification and quality. They are also highly affordable:

The Clip-On Tuner AT350 is £16.95 ($19.95)

The Clip-On Metronome Tuner AMT530 is £17.95 ($21.95)

Rotosound Tuners are designed for players that want easy tuning from a tuner with high performance and consistency. To find out more visit

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Lick Library Releases Quick Licks Shred Metal In The Style Of Synyster Gates DVD

Lick Library continues to offer the world’s best guitar tuition with the release of Quick Licks Shred Metal in the Style of Synyster Gates, award wining lead guitarist with Avenged Sevenfold. This guitar tuition DVD is presented by Andy James, a leading light in the world of Metal guitar.

Synyster Gates, or simply Syn, joined Avenged Sevenfold at the age of eighteen following a call from their legendary drummer The Rev. Last November Guitar World included him as one of the hot shots on their list of 30 coolest guitarists. He is known for his riffs which are clean, catchy and one of a kind. He has been described as shredding like a beast, delivering his solos with blistering speed, yet still letting you hear every note he plays. He is a real professional when it comes to dive-bombs, sweep picking and is an inspiration for all guitarists wanting to learn killer licks!

Andy James has for some time been widely regarded as one of the UK’s rising stars in the realms of Shred & Metal guitar. Andy has specialised in teaching lead techniques for Heavy Rock and Metal and is well placed to lead you through the intricacies of shredding in the style of Syn.

Quick Licks Shred Metal in the Style of Synyster Gates (RRP £19.99) is presented in an easy to follow guitar lesson where each lick is broken down into small pieces, and the DVD shows at all times what Andy is doing with both hands on the guitar, making it very simple to copy and pick up. This guitar lesson looks at techniques such as sweep picking, alternate picking, and string skipping. It also looks at how well Syn uses arpeggios, chord progressions and chromaticisms, bringing together a range of techniques for intermediate level and above guitar players. The DVD includes a metal guitar jam track where you can play along and practice the licks you’ve learned to help you develop your own solos.

LickLibrary also offer Learn to Play Avenged Sevenfold, and Avenged Sevenfold Jamtrax for guitarists looking to develop further Synyster Gates licks and guitar parts. To find out more about these and other products visit

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Frankfurt Musikmesse 2011: Devin Townsend Signing & Mackie Giveaway

Mackie today announces Mackie artist Devin Townsend to sign autographs in the Mackie stand on Thursday, April 7th at 16:00.

Mackie endorser, Devin Townsend, releases his new albums “Ghost” and “Deconstruction” with The Devin Townsend Project this summer. He will provide Mackie with exclusive content from the album “Ghost” on Mackie’s Facebook page and Mackie fans will have a chance to win new Mackie studio gear – a pair of all-new MR8mk2 Powered Studio Monitors and an Onyx Blackbird 16×16 FireWire Recording Interface. To enter the contest go to Mackie’s Facebook page on April 6th, contest ends April 30th.

The MR8mk2 is €265 inc. tax & £220 inc. VAT and the Onyx Blackbird is €499 inc. tax & £415 inc. VAT. Visit Mackie during Musikmesse from April 6-9, 2011 in Frankfurt, Germany in Halle 4.1, Stand E31.  For more detailed product information, please visit and for more details on the Mackie Facebook Contest visit