Maven Peal® Releases The Guitar Amplifier Player’s Guide on Kindle Platform

Strafford, VT—Maven Peal Instruments, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Dave Zimmerman’s The Guitar Amplifier Player’s Guide—the first do-it-yourself troubleshooting guide for musicians – on‘s Kindle platform.

The Player’s Guide offers a wealth of information… on biasing, impedance matching, speakers, tube saturation, and classic tube amps… this easy-to-understand guide is well worth the investment,” according to Guitar Player magazine’s Art Thompson. (October 2010, p. 30) Vintage Guitar magazine adds, “Zimmerman focuses on how to make them amps sound better, using straightforward mods… There are charts, a glossary of terms, and in-depth discussion of cords and cables, but arguably the best thing is that it offers something for everyone.” (February 2011, p. 132)

“I personally love the feel and experience of real books, but after having my Kindle for about six months, I can’t imagine getting around without it’s convenience and ease of use. With the explosion of ebook sales, we wanted to make sure that The Player’s Guide is available to all guitar players in every situation,” explains Dave Zimmerman, author and Maven Peal’s founder.

The Guitar Amplifier Player’s Guide is available from whispernet service for $9.99.

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