Drum Channel: Cobus Potgieter, who has 80 million views on YouTube, gets internship at DC

Drum Channel is excited to announce that internet based, self taught drummer, Cobus Potgieter is joining them as an intern where fellow drummers can watch him learn and follow his progress picking up tips as they follow him along the way. During his internship he will have a regular show, and he will be studying with some of the best drummers and teachers in the world, many of whom are his drumming heroes.

Internationally recognized by playing drums on cover songs, Cobus, hails from South Africa, and started playing the drums nine years ago. He is an aspiring professional drummer, with 80 million views of his drumming on YouTube, where amazingly he is the 80th most subscribed (All Time) musician, globally. Even though he has had no formal lessons, his passion for playing led him to teach himself to play by ear. If you don’t know who he is, check him out  in Drum Channel Show, where he talks to Terry Bozzio and meets his favorite drummer Tony Royster Jr. Both of whom have very positive comments about Cobus’s playing. Also, you can check him out on his You Tube channel, http://youtube.com/deedlebag.

Follow Cobus on his internship as he meets top drummers like Chad Smith, Stephen Perkins and many more and takes lessons with some of the greatest teachers ever. He will take part in live shows and be there to ask all those questions you have wanted to, because quite simply, as he says he is a drummer from a small town South Africa and until recently THIS OPPORTUNITY WAS JUST A DRUMMERS DREAM.

Cobus’s Live Shows will be free. Check on DrumChannel.com’s schedule to find out more. If you want to join the many followers and learn with Cobus over the next months you can sign up for the Drum Channel All Access Pass which is currently on offer at $4.99 a month subscription. This monthly subscription gives you access to everything: 175 lessons, Master classes, and more than one hundred hours of shows. There are also LOADS OF FREE LESSONS AND SHOWS available, as well as tons of new content added every month.

To see and hear your heroes, talk and play, to learn how they do things or simply hang out with other drummers, professional and amateur  and or course follow Cobus on his next big adventure go to DrumChannel.com.

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