Drum Channel ‘Secrets From the Pros’ Drum Lessons

Drum Channel’s ‘Secrets from the Pros’ series features the best drummers and teachers in the world! This goldmine of drumming instruction sees these top pros share their playing secrets with you in an extensive and in-depth library of videos where you can learn to play drums when you want, at the speed you need, in the style of music you enjoy.

The series features over fifty lessons, with the unsurpassed Thomas Pridgen, legendary Jim Chapin, Chad Smith, Gregg Bissonette, Peter Erskine and many, many more. The drum lessons cover every aspect of playing the drums from the basics for beginners to the more complicated techniques and rudiments for the advanced players looking to refine their skills. The lessons get in close and show you how to set up your drums and tune them properly, explain the different ways you can hold the sticks, they demonstrate hand and feet approaches, give details on how to keep the beat / time, whilst also revealing the use of the valuable tips and hard won tricks. Different styles of music – jazz, rock, and funk – are used throughout the lessons to illustrate the techniques being discussed.

You can dip in and out of the lessons when you want and you can view them over and over again – until you get it nailed. Each teacher takes you through the lesson a step at a time, explaining clearly what they are doing as they go along. You can use these lessons to prepare you for private instruction or support your existing lessons or simply get you ready for more Drum Channel lessons.

The All Access Membership Pass Plan gives you the right of entry to this wealth of drumming lessons and countless other learning aids such as Master Classes with top professional drummers, videos of the greats playing, shows where the leading drummers of the day talk about what they love best – drumming! The All Access Membership Pass Plans are available in one of three ways – choose which arrangement suits you the most. There is a recurring monthly subscription of $4.99, a six month non-recurring subscription – and get a month free at $24.95, or a twelve month non-recurring subscription – and get two months free at $49.90. You can even try before you buy. There are lots 10 FREE lessons, some covering the basics, others describe more advanced techniques.

Remember the more you learn the more fun it will be, and on Drum Channel you can learn from the best drummers in the world.

Newsflash: Coming soon lessons with Neil Peart and Freddie Gruber.

Available exclusively through Drum Channel go to https://drumchannel.ssl.subhub.com/subscribe/signupform to find out more.

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