Puresheetmusic.com sets out to become the iTunes of sheet music

Puresheetmusic.com uses iTunes concept: Get high quality sheet music at a bargain price!

New on-line store sets out to become the iTunes of sheet music as it offers more than 10.000 pieces of pure and flawless sheet music at just $1.99. No apps needed – just click, pay and play at Puresheetmusic.com. The man behind the concept is a professional musician whose need for high quality sheet music at a reasonable price was not met anywhere.

Now it is no longer necessary to spend a fortune on expensive low quality sheet music if you want to play your favourite pieces of classical music. For just $1.99 a piece you can finally buy top-of-the-line sheet music on-line at Puresheetmusic.com and choose from over 10.000 classics covering from Bach and Beethoven to piano and guitar.

  • Puresheetmusic.com gives you more for less. The sheets are of the highest quality, the price is a bargain and once you pay it’s yours for the rest of your life,«  says Lars Christian Lundholm, founder of Puresheetmusic.com and a professional musician and composer.
  • The idea was generated from my own personal frustration. I had a hard time finding sheet music that lived up to my high standards and when I finally did, it was always overpriced. After constantly hearing the same frustrations from my colleagues worldwide I decided to do something about it and created this new concept,« says Lars Christian Lundholm.

The future iTunes of sheet music – just click, pay and play

Puresheetmusic.com has set out to become the iTunes of sheet music as new sheets are constantly added. It even goes further than the website as the sheet music is available for direct buy via PayPal on Facebook and on iTunes, Barnes & Noble and Sonys Reader Store. All sheet music are directly usable on the computer as non-restricted PDF’s, and on iPads and Kindle and all android-based tablets as individual apps or e-books.

“We want to make beautiful music accessible for everyone who wants to play. And we are going to work hard to make Puresheetmusic.com so good, that it’s the only place on-line you’d want to buy sheet music”  says Lars Christian Lundholm.

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