Lick Library Release Learn To Play Black Country Communion

Lick Library are delighted to bring you Learn To Play Black Country Communion with over two hours of guitars lessons from this rock super group featuring Joe Bonamassa, one of the leading lights in the modern blues scene.

Named after the English industrial area where bassist Glenn Hughes and drummer Jason Bonham grew up, Black Country Communion is a devastating collision between American and British rock influences. They are a true supergroup that delivers huge 70’s flavoured hard rock that successfully marries Midland muscle with stateside subtlety. Award winning guitarist Bonamassa delivers guitar riffs so solid they could almost have been forged in the heat of a Black Country iron foundry. His guitar fires out ferocious licks that sound like pistons on a production line.

Taking you through this unashamedly old school rock is the former Joe Satriani pupil, Danny Gill. Danny walks you through each track and solo, note by note describing each in great detail. He discusses how you can take what you learn and use it to improve your improvisation. Danny takes a look at the pentatonic, blues, natural minor and harmonic minor solos in the course of these guitar lessons. When you have mastered a track you can check it out against the performances and see how it all fits together. You can watch these guitar lessons over and over again, always being able to see what both of Danny’s hands are doing with the split screen presentation.

Included on Learn To Play Black Country Communion (RRP £24.99) are five driving rock tracks with tinges of blues thrown in for good measure. Four taken from the self titled debut 2010 album are the heavy blues refrain Black Country, the instant classic Song Of Yesterday including the full two and half minute solo, a cover or the Trapeze song Medusa and the rock pop anthem One Last Soul. The fifth track is from the 2011 second album, The Outsider which rushes at you like a freight train. These are all powerful rock songs full of cool up-tempo riff and with the recognizable influence of Led Zeppelin.

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