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Get Connected at Ampeg’s NAMM 2012 Showroom

Ampeg’s move from the main floor of the Winter NAMM Show to a massive new showroom upstairs was a huge success last year. This year, the new location encourages interactivity with free Wi-Fi access, including dedicated iPad stations where visitors can enter Ampeg giveaways on Facebook and Twitter and share their NAMM experience with their friends and family.

“The Ampeg showroom has really become a social hub,” remarked Ampeg Social Network Manager, Ryan Cassady. “People can relax a bit, check their email or upload all the photos they have taken during the show. It doesn’t hurt that our endorsing artists also tend to hang around.”

This year’s giveaways are all about Ampeg’s return to guitar amplification with the announcement of the new Heritage R-12R Reverberocket and first showing of Ampeg’s GVT line of tube guitar amplifiers at Winter NAMM. A giveaway on Ampeg’s Facebook page offers a chance to win a GVT52-112 50-watt tube guitar combo. There’s also a Twitter contest in which followers’ re-tweets earn a chance to win an all-new Micro-CL Stack.

Visit Ampeg during NAMM at their massive showroom upstairs in Demo Room 209A/B during the 2012 Winter NAMM show January 19-22, 2012 in Anaheim, CA. Visit Ampeg on Facebook at or follow on Twitter (@ampeg). Full contest details also available at

Patchbanks presents Xango Grooves

Patchbanks presents an astounding collection of 160+ uncut quality bongo and conga loops for producers in search of swinging rhythms suited for House, Electronica, Tribal and other various styles of music. All audio loops were mixed and recorded live using only the best gear to achieve a clean-compressed sound, which will add clarity, color and punch to your drum mix. If you’re big on percussion drums, expect nothing less then quality grooves that will be highly useful for many your upcoming beats.

  • Quantity: 160+ Loops
  • File Type: Wav
  • Music Styles: House, Electronic, Tribal,
  • Range: 120-128 Bpm
  • Price $24.95

For demos and product info please visit

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Lick Library Launches Quick Licks: The Wizards Of Oz

Lick Library brings you everything from vintage through to modern rock in Quick Licks: The Wizards Of Oz. The idea and inspiration behind these guitar lessons came when Jamie Humphries began wondering what would happen if Tony Iommi, Randy Rhoads, Jake E.Lee, Zakk Wylde and Gus G ever got together in a room for a jam session.

Jamie has been taking a look at these guitar virtuosos in a regular column in iGuitar, the interactive magazine for guitarists. This column has proved so popular, Lick Library decided to take it to the next level, add some more licks and lessons, and produce this guitar tuition DVD.

Throughout his incredible career Ozzy Osbourne has had the amazing gift of recruiting and working with some of the worlds top guitarists. The list includes Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi, the late, great Randy Rhoads, Jake E.Lee the epitome of a heavy metal guitar heroes, Zakk Wylde, winner of practically every heavy guitar award there is and finally the very latest Ozzy guitarist, Gus G.

This Quick Licks: The Wizards Of Oz (RRP £19.99) guitar lesson DVD lets you learn to play guitar like all your heroes. Jamie looks at a wide range of techniques including pentatonic position shifting in the style of Tony Iommi, bluesy licks and tapping ideas in the style of Randy Rhoads, some darker sounding scales and unusual tapping concepts like Jake E. Lee. Jamie also takes a look at pinched harmonics and fast alternate picking much like Zakk Wylde and then steps it up a little to show you fast and sweet picking with string skipping and two handed tapping tin the style of Gus G. Each lick is broken down into its component parts and Jamie walks you through it step by step explaining everything as he goes along. You can see at all times what each of Jamie’s hands is doing with the trademark Lick Library split screen. Plus there are backing tracks for you to practice your news skills, techniques and licks against.

This guitar video is now in stock and shipping, to find out more visit

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Billy Cobham and Benny Greb Join Porter & Davies Roster

PORTER & DAVIES are delighted to announce that Billy Cobham and Benny Greb are the latest drum artists to become Ambassadors for P&D tactile monitoring systems.

They join a fast growing roster of international drummers who include the BC2 or Gigster as an integral part of their kits for live and studio playing.

The BC2 and Gigster deliver focused sensitivity, accuracy, power and portability and are highly regarded by many of their international drum artists such as JR Robinson, Gavin Harrison, Anton Fig, Daniel Adair and Gerald Heyward.

The monitoring systems will be featured at NAMM 2012 in Los Angeles at Hall D, Booth #2879 where Porter & Davies themselves will be demonstrating the benefits and introduce the system to international drummers, distributors and retailers at the show.

For further details on Porter & Davies, the BC2 and BC Gigster please visit their website at

Chad Smith talks Chili’s, Chickenfoot and more in iDrum digital magazine

Red Hot Chili’s drummer Chad Smith talks to iDrum in an exclusive video interview recorded at the London O2 arena. Chad talk about his return to the Chili’s after a two-year break, the new guitarist Josh and the part he has played in re–energising the band, the new album and the current tour to promote it. He also talks about his friendship with Sammy Hagar, how Chickenfoot was started and working with Joe Satriani.

You can watch the 30 minute interview for free, plus extended exclusive footage of a tour of his drum kit,  and listen to Ian and Chad as they talk about tracks on the new album I’m With You and the influences and where the music came from.

iDrum is the free digital magazine with all the hottest drumming news and reviews, subscribe now at

Slipknot’s and Stone Sour Guitarist Jim Root and other artists confirmed for Orange Amplification Booth Saturday 21st Jan

Orange Amps have a full schedule of product demonstrations and guest artists for the Winter NAMM 2012.

Jim Root, guitarist with Grammy Award-winning band Slipknot and Stone Sour, will be appearing on the booth to launch his Signature #4 Jim Root Terror Head. The special press conference will take place on the Orange booth at 2pm on Saturday 21st.

Doug Doppler, former Joe Satriani pupil and the man behind some of the Guitar Hero recordings will be putting the Orange DIVO OV4 through its paces. He will also be demonstrating the new Micro Terror, Signature #4 Jim Root Terror Head and re-issued OR50H.

Tony Catania, currently lead guitarist with the Jason Bonham Led Zeppelin Experience, will be around on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st January 2012, playing a set each day.

Another guest, Earl Slick, will be putting in an appearance over the weekend to sign autographs. Earl has played axe for some of rock and roll royalty including David Bowie, John Lennon and Ian Hunter. He is currently working with the New York Dolls. Earl’s appearance time will be announced on the Orange Facebook page nearer to NAMM.

Plus the winner of the Intel Superstar competition Austin Renfoe will be playing on the Orange Amplification booth daily. Come and check out this amazing newcomer.

To meet these artists and see the latest new Orange Amps, go to the Orange Music Booth 4890 Hall C.

Book of Orange Signings with Cliff Cooper

Orange Amps launched a full colour coffee-table book, ‘The Book of Orange’, in 2011 celebrating over forty years of their history with a massive detailed archive of press cuttings, photographs and promotional material.

Cliff Cooper, the man behind the legendary brand of Orange Amplification will be on the Orange Amps stand to sign your copies on Saturday 21st Jan at 11am.

The flipbook is a two-hundred page insight into the Orange Brand as well as Orange Amplification. Start the book from one side and you will find everything you ever wanted to know about the innovations and technology that form an intrinsic part of the Orange Amps story so far. The Orange sound didn’t just happen – it took years of studying, experimentation and testing to perfect. The book provides an illustrated history of this quest, showing how Orange Amps truly did become the ‘Voice of the World’.

Turn the book over and ‘Building the Brand’ takes you from the 1960s when Cliff Cooper established the Orange Recording Studios, Orange Shop, and Orange Amplification, through to the present day and the proud launch of the Orange Personal Computer (OPC) designed and developed in-house by Orange.

Cliff Cooper, awarded the Music Industries Association Living Legend Award in November 2011 in the UK, is an engineer, businessman, serial entrepreneur and musician who has always been at the cutting edge of music amplification and technology. When Cliff started the Orange brand back in the 1960s he quickly became a prominent figure on the London music scene. The Orange brand driven by Cliff became synonymous with a distinctive sound and constant product development that continually pushed the boundaries. After over 50 years Cliff is as innovative as ever and has no desire to rest on his (considerable) Laurels.

‘The Book of Orange’ is a commemoration of the history of Orange Amplification and Cliff’s very hands-on involvement.

Come to the Orange Amps Orange Music Booth 4890 Hall C to get your copy of ‘The Book of Orange’, meet the man, the legend, and get your book signed while you are there.

Orange Amplification Launch Micro Terror and PPC108 cab

Orange Amplification launches at Winter NAMM the Micro Terror – their smallest Terror ever! Building on the winning recipe of the rest of the popular Terror series, the Micro Terror retains the beautiful unpretentious design, delivering a classic Orange sound way bigger than it looks, with a size and weight making it the most portable Terror yet!

The Micro Terror has a single 12AX7 pre-amp tube with 20 watts RMS of solid-state output. It is powered via a 15 volt DC supplier (international PSU included), features auxiliary input for MP3 player or CD, and can be plugged into to any cabinet with 4Ohm or greater handing (even a 4 x 12) and you will be ready to rock.

With a high tensile steel case is it built to the same rugged specifications as the other members of the Terror family and is incredibly compact and highly portable. This is a true Orange Amp classic, with masses of vintage British character, clean crunch and full-on overdrive sounds.

Matching the new Micro Terror is the launch of the new PPC108 cab, ideal for building your own mini-terror stack and a perfect partner for the Micro Terror. The scaled down cab, is available to purchase separately and its 8”speaker delivers a punchy tone and sound that has to heard to be believed. Like all Orange speaker cabs it is built to last using extremely rugged construction and manufacturing techniques and uses our legendary basketweave tolex grill cloth, Orange crest and badge.

Orange will be showing the new Micro Terror, PPC 108 and all the other Orange Amps on their Booth #4890 Hall C at NAMM.

Rotosound announce Duff McKagen, Billy Sheehan and RATT NAMM 2012 Artist Appearances

Rotosound are at the Winter NAMM 2012 with a select group of endorsees making an appearance on their booth on Saturday 21st January.

Joining them fresh from his European tour with Loaded is the legendary metal bass player Duff McKagan at 1pm. Famed for his roles in Guns ‘n’ Roses and Velvet Revolver, Duff has had a busy year what with the tour, new album and a book.

Next is the virtuoso veteran bass player, Billy Sheehan will be signing at 3pm. He is responsible for shaping a whole new generation of bassists with his fret board pyrotechnics. Again he has had a busy year with a USA tour and new album with Mr. Big.

Then back at the Rotosound booth for another year will be guitar legend Warren DeMartini at 4pm.

For further information and to see the latest new products visit Rotosound Booth ♯5596, Hall B see

Orange Amplification Reissues OR50H and launches OR15H Pics Only Models

Orange Amplification celebrated their 40th anniversary in 2008 with the issue of an extremely limited amp: the OR50H. Due to overwhelming public demand, Orange Amplification has decided to re-introduce it.

In 1972 Orange launched an amp that defined their sound. It was dubbed the ‘Pics Only’ due to the absence of any text, instead using pictures only on the face plate of the amp. The OR50H owes more than a nod to this vintage legend; from the method of its construction, the blues and rock tone, even the cosmetics.

Featuring a traditional single channel with a three stage gain section, the real weapon in the OR50’s arsenal is the HF Drive control. This is two controls in one! As you turn the control clockwise you will hear the power amp presence increase while adding an extra dimension of power amp gain. Along with a foot-switchable master volume, this is truly one of the most versatile single channel amps ever created. The new OR15H offers an alternative specification for those looking for a 15 watt Class A guitar amp, still delivering the vintage Orange tone and for the first time offering the Pics only styling in a smaller package.

Specifications OR50H

  • Single Channel
  • Foot Switchable Master Volume/Attenuator
  • Three Band EQ
  • HF Drive Control with Boost
  • 3 Stage Gain section
  • Classic 2 x EL34 valve configuration
  • 2 x 12AX7
  • 50 Watts RMS
  • Chassis mounted hand wired power valve sockets

Specifications OR15H

  • Single Channel
  • Three Band EQ
  • HF Drive Control with Boost
  • 3 Stage Gain section
  • Classic 2 x EL84  class A valve configuration
  • 3 x 12AX7, 1 x 12AT7
  • 15 Watts RMS

With incredible vintage tone and unmatched versatility, once heard you will be hooked on the OR series amplifiers for life!

To take a look at these and all the other Orange Amps go to Orange Music Booth 4890 Hall C. Scan the “Powered by Doppler” QR codes featured on every Orange product this year to enhance your experience with audio clips and video!

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