Lick Library Launches Quick Licks: The Wizards Of Oz

Lick Library brings you everything from vintage through to modern rock in Quick Licks: The Wizards Of Oz. The idea and inspiration behind these guitar lessons came when Jamie Humphries began wondering what would happen if Tony Iommi, Randy Rhoads, Jake E.Lee, Zakk Wylde and Gus G ever got together in a room for a jam session.

Jamie has been taking a look at these guitar virtuosos in a regular column in iGuitar, the interactive magazine for guitarists. This column has proved so popular, Lick Library decided to take it to the next level, add some more licks and lessons, and produce this guitar tuition DVD.

Throughout his incredible career Ozzy Osbourne has had the amazing gift of recruiting and working with some of the worlds top guitarists. The list includes Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi, the late, great Randy Rhoads, Jake E.Lee the epitome of a heavy metal guitar heroes, Zakk Wylde, winner of practically every heavy guitar award there is and finally the very latest Ozzy guitarist, Gus G.

This Quick Licks: The Wizards Of Oz (RRP £19.99) guitar lesson DVD lets you learn to play guitar like all your heroes. Jamie looks at a wide range of techniques including pentatonic position shifting in the style of Tony Iommi, bluesy licks and tapping ideas in the style of Randy Rhoads, some darker sounding scales and unusual tapping concepts like Jake E. Lee. Jamie also takes a look at pinched harmonics and fast alternate picking much like Zakk Wylde and then steps it up a little to show you fast and sweet picking with string skipping and two handed tapping tin the style of Gus G. Each lick is broken down into its component parts and Jamie walks you through it step by step explaining everything as he goes along. You can see at all times what each of Jamie’s hands is doing with the trademark Lick Library split screen. Plus there are backing tracks for you to practice your news skills, techniques and licks against.

This guitar video is now in stock and shipping, to find out more visit

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