The Voice’ Star Joelle Moses Plans For The Future

‘The Voice’ star Joelle Moses is preparing for a bright future following her outstanding performances in theBBC1 show. After wowing the judges with some show-stopping performances, Joelle has finally found a little time to reflect on an incredible few weeks.

Speaking to fellow students and staff at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London, where she continues to study for her Foundation Degree in Creative Musicianship, Joelle said:

“It was such a crazy, surreal experience being a part of the first ever series of The Voice UK. is from another planet, he’s such a fascinating person, working with him has been…DOPE! But it was such a great opportunity, I learned so much, the feedback was unbelievable, and this experience has made me more determined than ever to become successful.’

When she debuted on ‘The Voice’ singing ‘Rolling in the Deep’, all four judges turned around almost immediately, so impressed were they by the quality of her singing. made it clear in his feedback that he would like to work with her as an artist, and Jessie J said she would love to write a song for Joelle. Imagine receiving feedback like that from those kinds of artists!

But Joelle not only counts on a phenomenal natural talent, she has worked extremely hard over many years todevelop that talent and continues to study hard at the Institute. It’s no wonder ‘The Voice’ judge Danny O’Donoghue had this to say on the show: ‘Your control is incredible, your breathing is incredible, I would give my left arm to work with a singer like you!’

So what will Joelle do now? Well, in addition to finishing her studies at the Institute, she says:

“I’ve already started writing new songs and working with some hot producers. The response and interest since I have been on the show has beenamazing. I’ve got a lot of meetings lined up already so I’m just looking to take my career to next level, keep focused, get out there performing as much as possible and keep going with more music music music!”

So watch this space; the future is very bright indeed for Joelle, and as Sir Tom Jones said: ‘If she can do performances like this, we’re gonna be paying a lot of money to see this girl!’

You can see the footage of Joelle on ‘The Voice’ and find out more about her here:

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