Rotosound Seeks Your Help Remembering nearly 50 years of History

Rotosound is seeking help from their thousands of customers, artists, dealers, retailers, shops, journalists, tour mangers and anyone else who has been involved with it over the years, to help piece together over 50 years of history.

The Rotosound team would like to hear stories or memories from anyone who has used their strings since the 60’s and are also keen to see any old pictures, adverts or any other memorabilia that people would be interested in sharing with them.

Recently Rotosound came across a 1976 copy of Beat Instrumental featuring an advert depicting Queen’s Brian May and John Deacon using their strings. Other iconic artists known for using their strings includes Paul McCartney using the RS88LD strings on the Beatles White Album and some of the early ACDC albums. It would be great to have pictures or stories from these sessions.

Jason How, Rotosound CEO, explained ‘Rotosound has been a huge part of the British Music Scene for over 50 years working with some of the greats including Jimi Hendrix, John Entwistle and Humphrey Littleton to name but a few. We would like to commemorate this history and share it with the many people who have been a part of this legacy. Rotosound were pioneers in the manufacture of strings for instruments back in the 1960’s when musicians were looking for a specific sound or concept – we are still innovating today.’

There are sounds that re-awaken forgotten memories, and that sense maybe key to your helping Rotosound rediscover its history. Did you work at Rotosound back in the 1960’s with James How, were you one of the many artists or musicians that came to him seeking help in obtaining that elusive tone, did you sell their strings? If you have a story to share, memories to impart, any memorabilia to reveal please contact – we would love to hear from you.

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Rotosound 1976 Beat Instrumental Queen Advert

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