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New Rack Mount BC2rm Monitor System From Porter & Davies

With its BC2 and BC Gigster personal drum monitor systems garnering rave reviews in the media and endorsements from top drummers including John Tempesta, Gavin Harrison, JR Robinson and Korn’s Ray Luzier, UK-based Porter & Davies now introduces the BC2rm, a slim-line (2-unit) 19” rack-mountable version of its top-of-the-line BC2.

Like the flight-cased BC2 and lightweight, streamlined Gigster, the BC2rm – which includes the BC control unit and P&D’s patented transducer-loaded drum throne – delivers Stealth Monitoring® that enables users to hear their drums internally via the company’s innovative Bone Conduction® technology (thus the BC name). “The unit,” said technical director/designer Tim Porter, “shapes the sound, the seat delivers it.”

“The brief for the BC2rm was very specific,” continued Porter. “Make a BC2 in a 19” rack-mount format – otherwise don’t change a thing.” To make that happen I did a complete redesign of the internal layout while keeping all the musical characteristics. Everything – internal cabling, connectors and even the physical size of the individual components – was re-evaluated and adjusted or improved to fit the thin-line case. Like the other two systems, the BC2rm is all about state-of-the-art personalized drum monitoring in a compact design.”

Because they are tactile monitors and do not require any speakers whatsoever – just the control unit and the drum throne – Porter & Davies BC monitor systems eliminate the need for onstage monitor subs, though a wedge or IEMS (in-ears) are recommended for other instruments the drummer wants to hear, all of which, according to Porter, “makes all of the BC models ideal for even the smallest stages, but also great for stadium gigs.”

The BCR2rm retails for £999 (inc. vat) including the Porter and Davies throne top, US retail is $1299.

Porter & Davies will be at the 2013 Winter NAMM show (Hall D Stand 2879)

For further details on Porter & Davies, the BC2 and BC Gigster please visit their newly updated website at

Porter & Davies Rack Mount BC2rm Monitor System

Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris Signature Bass Strings Improved by Rotosound

Top British string manufacturer, Rotosound have improved their Steve Harris Signature Bass Strings using a new burnishing process. The new upgraded strings have a smoother finish making them much easier to play at high speed.

Steve Harris is well known as a founding member of Iron Maiden and is the only member to play on all their albums. He is considered one of the best and most influential heavy metal bass players in the world today. He is known for his ‘galloping’ fleet fingered bass lines and his own unique tone. To get the sound he likes the best Steve has used Rotosound strings throughout his career.

The upgraded signature bass strings, have been developed using a new process that gives these flatwound strings a smooth, slicker feel that means you can easily glide from the 1st to 12th position without hearing the movement. Slightly brighter than traditional flatwound strings the Steve Harris signature set (Product code SH77) has a unique clear mellow tone, which brings up the bottom end whilst toning down the high to balance the bass nicely. If you appreciate quality – you will appreciate these. Oh – and each set comes with Steve Harris’ favourite West Ham colours on the silk ends. The four-string set comes in 50, 75, 95 and 110 gauges.

To find out more about the Steve Harris Signature Bass Stings, Rotosound and it’s other strings and accessories visit where you can buy them online.

Rotosound Steve Harris Signature Bass Strings

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Legendary Bassist Glenn Hughes Appearing on Orange Amplification Booth Saturday 26th January 2013

New Orange Amps endorsee, Glenn Hughes will be appearing on their booth on Saturday 26th January 2013 at 1.00pm.

For over forty years Glenn has been a bass player, vocalist and songwriter with some of the greatest rock acts and is currently lead vocalist and bass player with Black Country Communion. Commenting on his recent move to Orange Amplification Glenn said, ‘I plugged into that Orange Amp and it was though it had been designed for me!’

To find out more about the AD200B MK3 head with an OBC810 8 x 10” Bass speaker cabinet Glenn Hughes is using, ask him how its vintage inspiration has taken him back to his roots of Trapeze and Deep Purple, or simply meet him, go to the Orange Music Booth 4890 Hall C.

Glenn Hughes

Signature #4 Jim Root Terror Head From Orange Amplification Wins Total Guitar: Amplifier Of The Year

Orange Amplifications first signature amp in over forty years, the Signature #4 Jim Root Terror Head, has just been awarded the Amplifier Of The Year Award, sponsored by Total Guitar, at the MIA Awards held on the 22nd November 2012 at the Emirates Stadium in London.

Launched to rave reviews at the 2012 Winter NAMM, the Signature #4 Jim Root Terror Head went on to win the Guitar World Gold Award for performance and achieve the joint highest review score in iGuitar magazine. The Total Guitar: Amplifier Of The Year Award, judged by a public vote through Future Publishing’s MusicRadar website, is the crowning glory for a very successful year for this extremely impressive amp.

The Signature #4 Jim Root Terror Head is a combination of Orange Amps technology with Jim’s love of the ‘pics only’ amps and his wish for it to be affordable. Everyone at Orange is very proud to have received this prestigious award and to have worked closely with Jim on this special amplifier.

Orange Amps Signature #4 Jim Root Terror Head Left to right Antony Gunter (Orange European Sales Manager), Stuart Willams (Total Guitar Editor), Damon Waller ( Orange Managing Director)

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Korda Marshall visits the Institute

Students at London’s Institute of Contemporary Music Performance were given direct access to the heart of the modern music industry recently when Korda Marshall dropped in to deliver a masterclass specifically for the business students.

Since launching its business school, the Institute has welcomed some of the music industry’s key players and Korda is no exception. He has worked with artists including Muse, ALT J, Ash, The Darkness, Take That and Seasick Steve and has been A&R director at RCA, launched Infectious Records, was managing director of Atlantic Records for 9 years and is now on the board of the BPI and OCC. Korda’s visit to the Institute coincided with him winning the Mercury Prize, AIM prize and video awards with ALT J.

Institute students were treated to a close study of Korda’s approach to artist development over the years including a fascinating case study of Muse and their rise to fame, alongside Korda’s unique view on the current state of the industry and what the future holds.

Institute business tutor Ian Ramage said “we want to say thanks to Korda for affording so much time. I saw the students after the masterclass, and they were totally knocked out by getting so much insight and detail.”

“The Institute insists on engaging the best faculty and guests to ensure the students have the most up to date information,” said Ken Foreman, business programme leader at the Institute. “Korda is among the very best in the industry and for him to take time out of his schedule to chat with the students displays his belief in the future of the industry and in what we are doing here.”

For more information about Music Business courses at the Institute contact the Institute at the following;

Korda Marshall

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Orange Amps – Another World First

Big things have been happening at the Orange Global Headquarters! Their Research and Development team have been working on another World First! A revolutionary, ground breaking innovation. This new product will amaze and excite the audio world.

For over forty years Orange have been at the forefront of Guitar Amplification design and technology. Their innovations include the ‘pics only’ and world’s first programmable digital guitar amp in the 70s, through to theTiny Terror in the ‘noughties’ and the OPC computer and DIVO technology launched in the 2010’s.

The launch of this new product will be at the Winter NAMM show on January 24th at 11am PST, and will be simultaneously streamed around the world. A link for the event will appear on the Orange website

Top Secret

DW Goes Thin with New Aluminum Collector’s Series® Snare Drums

Drum Workshop, Inc. has recently added a new offering to their line of DW Collector’s Series® thin shell snare drums. The 5.5×14” and 6.5×14” Aluminum drums feature a thin 1mm rolled shell and are “workhorse-style” snares that can be used for every musical genre. The thin shells offer a more resonant tone with more overtones than their thicker rolled-shell cousins. DW Executive Vice President and Drum Designer, John Good, explains, “We used to have a limited edition thin black nickel over brass. It was so popular we added it to the line. Then, we came out with stainless steel, and that was really well-received. After that, our version of a Titanium drum. By this time, we figured that there is a market for both thin shells and the thicker cast-type shells we had been offering for years, so we’ve decided to have a little of both. Now we have aluminum. It’s a really nice drum, warmer than brass and just enough metallic sound to cut and the sensitivity is really nice, too!”

The thin aluminum shell is finished with a matte grey powder coat and has a rolled bearing edges and snare beds. The Custom Shop drum comes standard with chrome hardware and features such as: MAG™ throw-off system with 3P™ (3 position) butt-plate, True Tone™ snare wires, True Pitch™ stainless steel tension rods, 3.0mm steel True Hoops™ and DW Heads by Remo® USA.

Good continues, “It’s not the first thin Aluminum shell on the market, but it’s the first DW version. We think that a bead-less shell and our patented features such as our MAG throw-off system sets us apart from the crowd. Plus, our artists are thrilled to have this option available. We already have a ton of pre-orders from guys that want to use it on sessions and tours.”

Retail price for the 5.5×14” is $661.99 and the 6.5×14” is $692.99. For further information, contact your local DW drum dealer or Drum Workshop, Inc. at: 3450 Lunar Court, Oxnard, CA 93030, tel: 805-485-6999, fax 805-485-1334,

DW Aluminum Snare Drum

PDP Announces Limited Edition 20-Ply Birch Snare Drum

Drum Workshop, Inc., parent company of the Pacific Drums and Percussion brand, has added a boutique-inspired snare drum to its cost-conscious snare drum line-up. Available in 5.5×14” and 6.5×14” sizes, the all-birch drums come in a neutral flat black lacquer finish to match any drum set color. The incredibly versatile 2-ply all-birch shell offers a round, throaty tone and can be tuned up high for Hip-Hop or down low for Rock. DW Executive Vice President and Drum Designer, John Good, explains the basis for the shell composition, “In many ways, our PDP line borrows from our Custom Shop drums with True Pitch™, MAG™ throw-off and lots of things we do on our high-end instruments are brought over, so that more drummers can enjoy these advancements. That said, it’s nice to be able to do things that are only for PDP. This is one of them. We probably wouldn’t consider a 20-ply drum for Collector’s Series, but it fits perfectly in the PDP line, and everyone that’s heard it is absolutely blown away!”

The Limited Edition snare, comes standard with Concept Series dual-turret lugs, MAG™ throw-off system with 3P™ (3 position) butt-plate, True Tone™ snare wires, True Pitch™ tension rods, plus more.

Director of Marketing, Scott Donnell adds, “The PDP LTD line has been a massive success. We can do small production runs of out-of-the-box ideas and drummers really seem to appreciate that. They also seem to really appreciate the price. The sound and build quality of these drums is truly impressive at any price. I think we’ll be seeing more LTD product in the future.”

Retail price for the 5.5×14” and 6.5×14” is $363.99. For further information, contact your local DW drum dealer or Drum Workshop, Inc. at: 3450 Lunar Court, Oxnard, CA 93030, tel: 805-485-6999, fax805-485-1334,

PDP Limited Edition 20-Ply Birch Snare Drum

DW Launches Collector’s Series® Concrete Snare Drums

Drum Workshop, Inc. recently announced a new addition to their world famous line of DW Collector’s Series® snare drums. Available in 5.5×14” and 6.5×14” sizes the unique Concrete drums are perfectly suited for both live and studio applications and provide a decidedly different tonal quality than either wood or metal. DW Executive Vice President and Drum Designer, John Good, comments on the drum’s unique sonic qualities, “This drum is a completely different animal. Our goal is to outfit drummers with as many sounds as possible, so this one definitely fits the bill. At first, we were surprised at the dry, focused sound, but, man, does it have volume! It’s a shotgun! And the color of the raw stone looks really nice with our matte satin chrome hardware. It’s just a killer combination all around.”

The thin, cast 1mm shell includes a standard 45 degree cut bearing edge and snare beds. The Custom Shop drum includes standard features such as: MAGTM throw-off system with 3P™ (3 position) but-plate, True Tone™ snare wires, True Pitch™ stainless steel tension rods, 3.0mm steel True Hoops™ and DW Heads by Remo® USA.

Each concrete drum is made to order and can be combined with any DW Custom Shop drum set order.

Good adds, “We’ve already had lots of positive comments from our artists about this particular drum. The exciting thing is that drummers playing all different styles of music like it. It’s not just a Rock drum. We’ve had some of our R&B and Country guys also take notice. This is something different and I think DW fans will appreciate our effort to push the envelope.”

Retail price for the 5.5×14” and 6.5×14” is $1,230.99. For further information, contact your local DW drum dealer or Drum Workshop, Inc. at: 3450 Lunar Court, Oxnard, CA 93030, tel: 805-485- 6999, fax805-485-1334,

DW Concrete Snare Drums

DW Upgrades Floating Rotor 9000 Pedals

Drum Workshop, Inc. has recently announced upgrades to its flagship line of 9000 bass drum pedals. Among the improvements to the new 9000 pedals are a Tri-Pivot Toe Clamp that includes three self-adjusting rubber-coated pads that securely anchors the pedal to a variety of bass drum counter hoop sizes, an EZ-Adjust Infinite Cam™ that allows drummers to change from an Accelerator® to Turbo® cam, or anywhere in-between, with the twist of a drum key, and a non- skid rubber pad under the base plate designed for wood floors, carpet and other playing surfaces. DW Director of Research and Development, Rich Sikra, comments, “Like all of our DW pedals, it can be a challenge to upgrade features or functionality, because these pedals are so universally accepted within the industry. We have to be careful not to change things up too much. Drummers are so comfortable with the feel and reliability, we have to make sure the changes we make are essential improvements. I think we’ve successfully accomplished that with the new 9000s; all of the feedback we’ve received has been very positive. We’re excited to get these new pedals into drummer’s hands, or should I say, feet?”

Other standard features include: Floating Rotor Drive™, Delta® ball-bearing hinge, 101 2-way beater, light-weight aluminum base plate, single post casting (9002), precision universal joints (9002), road-worthy, all-metal construction and more.

9002 pedals come standard with a free, upgraded ballistic nylon pedal case and all DW pedals include a limited 5 year warranty.

DW Founder, Don Lombardi, comments about the latest 9000s, “We’re always focused on innovation. Along with being a drum educator, it’s my other passion. To see how far we’ve come in terms of technology and build-quality on our pedals is exciting. It’s a dream come true to see drummers use our pedals to take the art of drumming even further.”

The 9000 Series single pedal retails for $499.99 and the 9002 double version retails for $966.99.
For further information, contact your local DW drum dealer or Drum Workshop, Inc. at: 3450 Lunar Court, Oxnard, CA 93030, tel: 805-485-6999, fax 805-485-1334, web:

DW9000 Single Pedal DW 9002 Double Pedal