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Plug & Mix Launches Version 3.0 with 14 New Plug-ins and AAX Support!

Plug And Mix is proud to announce the launch of its version 3.0 of their V.I.P. series plug-ins that adds full 64-bit support for Mac OS 10,8 (Mountain Lion) and Windows 8, as well as compatibility with Avid’s AAX format for Mac and PC.

Version 3.0 also includes the 14 most requested plug-ins by users to complement the 26 existing plug-ins of the previous V.I.P. Bundle.

The UPGRADE to V3.0 is FREE of charge for ALL owners and that is something pretty “user friendly” that bears mentioning.

The new plug-ins are :

  • Octaplexer – Octaver Divider Plug-in
  • Psycho Ring – An unique Ring Modulator
  • Stereolizer – Stereo width enlargement
  • Ob La Wah – The Virtual WAH-WAH Pedal
  • Electro Q Tone – Extreme EQ when needed
  • Talking Tone – Talk box and Vocoder
  • Deluxe Tilt – Tonic Tilting
  • Ambiosoniq – Improve your Stereo Image
  • Maxbass – Bass enhancement plug-in
  • Screamer – Hardcore Screaming Distortion
  • Liquid Air Q – EQ with presence
  • Vinylizer – Get that Vinyl Sound
  • Granulizer – Granular Processing Plug-in
  • Ls Rotator – Need a great Leslie?

Plug And Mix have been working very closely with their carefully selected developers to create new plug-ins that their customers had requested. Sound quality was the first priority while always keeping in mind the ongoing goal of making the plug-ins as easy to use and efficient as the existing toolset included in the previous V.I.P. Bundle.

Now there are a total of 40 creative audio tools that let professionals and audio enthusiasts take immediate control of their mixes and get superb results without searching through a multitude of parameters.

Until January 31, P&M products will be sold at the promoted price of $39 (MSRP $59) for the individual plug-ins and $299 (MSRP $499) for the full V.I.P. Bundle.

Learn more from the P&M website:

Plug & Mix Plugins

Slap Bass In Six Weeks – From LickLIbrary

Slap Bass In Six Weeks, LickLibrary’s new DVD six part set is designed to help you achieve the motor skills and technique necessary to master this style of bass playing. These DVDs offer a program of lessons that aims to get you playing slap bass from scratch to an advanced level in just six weeks!

Slap Bass In Six Weeks (RRP £16.99 per DVD or RRP £79.99 the set) is full of visual examples, which clearly depict what each of the tutor’s hand is doing using a split screen. All the basics are included and starting from day one each bass lesson is broken down into manageable easy to follow sections looking at many of the techniques you will need. Even if you have never slapped before you will soon start sounding the part.

  • Week One: Overview techniques and equipment and starts introducing skill-building exercises.
  • Week Two: Looks at pops and pulls, introduces ghost notes and explains Machine Gun Triplets.
  • Week Three: Use of ghost note muting and shuffles in style of Mark King and Stanley Clarke.
  • Week Four: Introduces damped thumb hits and builds on Mark King rolling open string riffs.
  • Week Five: Complex bass lines, faster tempos and melody style riffs in manner of Marcus Miller.
  • Week Six: Tips and tricks, drop D tuning and combining and using techniques learnt over six weeks.

The DVDs also come with backing tracks, which are locked into the drums making them easy to play over and nail the techniques you learn.

Sharing these skills with you is highly sought after bass player – Phil Williams. He has played and toured with many well-known bands and artists as diverse as Gary Barlow, Roger Daltrey, and Keith Emerson to name just a few.

You can find full details for Slap Bass in Six weeks at LickLibrary along with many other bass related DVDs.

LickLIbrary - Slap Bass In Six Weeks

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Nickelback’s Daniel Adair On Tour with the BC2

Nickelback’s Daniel Adair is currently using the Porter & Davies BC2 personal drum monitoring system on the global best selling ‘Here and Now’ tour.

The Nickelback juggernaut has been rolling into more than eighty cities worldwide. They are now seven months into the sell out tour after playing North America, all over Europe, the Middle East and are currently playing across the Far East and Australia.

Daniel Adair, drummer with Nickelback has been using the new saddle style BC2 throne on their tour and absolutely loves it. ‘I am kinda speechless! What can I say that hasn’t been said before by others that have tried it? said Daniel, ‘Its AMAZING! Love how it picks up the lower end from the toms as well. This will definitely change how I approach things from now on. Even practicing some double kicks today I was clearly aware of weak points through the sensitivity of the device. More drummers need this.’

The BC2 converts signals from the bass drum microphone or an electronic kit into a physical pulse that is transmitted to the player’s body via the systems modified drum throne. The transmission is transferred by Bone Conduction (BC), which means the player feels and hears the sound internally instead of just relying on conventional audio only monitoring.

The BC2, with standard and saddle style thrones will be at the 2013 Winter NAMM. Visit Porter & Davies to see them in Hall D Stand 2879.

For further details on Porter & Davies, the BC2 and BC Gigster please visit their newly updated website at

Daniel Adair Daniel Adair Drum Kit

Orange Amplification Launch New Website

Orange Amplification is excited to announce the launch of its new website. Starting from scratch, it is packed with a wealth of new information and user-friendly ideas laid out in a clear and concise format.

This fresh Orange Amplification website is bigger and better than ever. It comes with improved navigation and a whole host of new features, sections and content, which includes faster loading times and complete compatibility with iPad and other mobile devices. Product searches are now simpler and provide more comprehensive information. There’s a new photo library featuring every Orange Amplification product with slide shows showing the products from all angles, including close-up images and video demonstrations.

Other new features include: –

  • A new and improved Artists area with new artist pictures and quotes by endorsees about why they choose Orange Amplification.
  • The new configurator for the Orange OPC, which allows you to customise it for your own needs. Note: The US version of the configurator is coming soon.
  • A new Heritage area where you can find out about discontinued amplifiers and legacy products including how Orange Amplification created the world’s first digital amplifier – ‘The OMEC Digital’.
  • A new worldwide store that makes ordering spares for your amp quick and easy without requiring registration, which accepts credit/debit cards as well as Paypal.

As if that wasn’t enough, there are up-to-the-minute news stories, including live videos from events such as NAMM plus the latest artist news. Oh – and there won’t be any third party advertising – anywhere.

Take a look at the new website at

Orange Amplification New Website

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Rhythm of London Award winner starts out at the Institute

The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance is proud to welcome Charlotte Campbell, the winner of the Mayor’s Rhythm of London Award (part of the Mayor of London’s Gigs 2012 competition), to its student body.

Charlotte was one of hundreds of young Londoners who entered the Mayor of London Gigs Competition through an online application earlier this year and was selected to go through to the public voting stage. As one of the successful competitors, the singer-songwriter from South Rusilip took part in a five week programme of performances (21 July – 25 August) in a range of locations, including Network Rail stations, London Underground busking pitches, Olympic Park and iconic locations in the City of London including St Paul’s Churchyard and The Royal Exchange.

The judges chose their top five in each of the three categories (Youth: Soloists/Duos aged 11 – 15 years, Soloists/Duos aged 16 – 25 years, and Groups aged 11 – 25 with 3 or more members) to enter the final with a sixth performer being chosen from each by public vote.

The final took place on 1st September, at which judges chose a category winner and from those three the overall Gigs champion was chosen.  The Judges were also able to award 2 discretionary prizes, one being The Mayor’s Rhythm of London Award in Partnership with the Institute.

As the winner of the Award, twenty-three year old Charlotte won a scholarship to study on the one-year Songwriting CertHE at the Institute, worth £5750. Charlotte expressed her gratitude in gaining the place: “I’m so proud to be part of The Institute, and after my short time studying with them I feel I have progressed so much already! I am constantly being challenged to write, it’s exactly what I need to develop my skills are a songwriter. I think the best thing about it is being surrounded by like-minded individuals and taking time to really analyse the art of song-writing.”

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson said: ‘One of the reasons we established Rhythm of London was to give more talented youngsters the chance to perform live. I am thrilled that Charlotte Campbell has won the opportunity to study at the prestigious Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, where she will develop her craft and gain the experience to equip her for the rough and tumble of today’s music industry. This is a fantastic break for a very talented musician and I wish Charlotte every success as she develops her career.’

This is the first year the institute has partnered with the Mayor’s office on the Gigs Competition. The predecessor of the competition, the Rhythm of London Busking Underground, was won by Institute Alumnus Robbie Boyd in 2011.

Charlotte Campbell

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New Rockschool 2012-2018 Guitar, Bass and Drum Companion Guides and Technical Handbooks

In support of the new 2012 Syllabuses for Guitar, Bass and Drums, this December 2012 Rockschool publishes its latest Companion Guides and a new set of Technical Handbooks. These are essential reference aids to help music teachers get the best results for their students with the technical sides of Rockschool’s Debut-8 Grade Exams.

The updated Rockschool Companion Guides are available from the 3rd of December for Guitar, Bass and Drums and feature between six examples of additional specimen tests for each of the ‘unseen tests’ in the exams including:-

  • Sight reading (Debut to Grade 5) – 6 per grade
  • Improvisation & Interpretation (Grade 1 to Grade 5) – 6 per grade
  • Ear Tests (Debut to Grade 8) – 6 per grade
  • Quick Study Pieces (Grades 6-8) 6 per grade
  • General Musicianship Questions (Debut-Grade 8) – 5 example questions per grade

They Companion Guides contain valuable practice material, written in an easy to follow style, which is ideal for preparing candidates for a Rockschool Grade Exam. These Companion Guides, designed for using with Rockschool’s Grade Books, will help teachers get the best possible results for their students. The retail price will be £25 for each book.

Also published by Rockschool are new comprehensive Technical Handbooks covering all the Technical Exercises of the new 2012 Guitar, Bass and Drum syllabuses (previously only available for Guitar). The purpose of each Technical Handbook is to provide teachers and candidates with all the scales and arpeggio examples for all Guitar and Bass grades in an easy-to-use reference book. Rockschool has also brought together all the Drums rudiments in a single volume for easy reference. Each book comes with all the relevant audio backing tracks. The retail price will be £10 for each book.

These new supporting texts from Rockschool will help teachers make the musical progression and achievement of their students easy and fulfilling, providing a valuable reference book that is practical and a handy guide to the Rockschool 2012 Syllabus.

For further information please go to or contact

Rockschool Guitar Technical Handbook Rockschool Guitar Companion Guide Rockschool Bass Technical Handbook Rockschool Bass Companion Guide Rockschool Drums Technical Handbook Rockschool Drums Companion Guide

Protection Racket Launch New Shaped Conga Cases For A Snug Fit

Protection Racket cases new conga cases fit where they touch. The new shaped cases have been completely re-designed are now available in 10” Requinto, 11” Quinto, 11.75” Conga, 12.5” Tumba and 14”Super Tumba sizes.

These well-cushioned conga cases provide plenty of protection for your prized percussion instruments. Saving them from dents and scratches whether you are out and about on the road or simply storing them when not being used. They have padding in all the areas you need it to be and the conga shape of the cases means the fit is snug and the drum does not move around.

Getting your conga in and out of the bag couldn’t be easier. The heavy-duty nylon zips are large and easy to use; with one all round the top and one from top to bottom. All the cases come with padded rucksack straps, ergonomic carrying handle and two side handles at the lid providing a variety of ways to carry your drums comfortably.

As you would expect with any Protection Racket case, they are made of highly durable, lightweight materials, Racketex, Propadd and Propile. They are waterproof and stable in extreme climate conditions and come with really useful pockets.

Prices range from £81.99/$131.99 for the Requinto through to £92.99/$149.99 for the Super Tumba.

To find out more please visit their website at

Protection Racket Shaped Conga bag

From Rock To Fusion By Tom Quayle – Exclusive To LickLibrary

LickLibrary’s From Rock to Fusion, by Tom Quayle, is aimed at intermediate to advanced rock / blues / country guitar players wanting to make the move to fusion or a changes based style of playing. This guitar lesson DVD, bought to you by LickLibrary, will help you develop killer chops and improve your theory knowledge in and easy and exciting way.

From Rock To Fusion By Tom Quayle (RRP £19.99) is split in to three main sections. The first section shows you how to improve your legato and hybrid picking, then demonstrates how to use them in arpeggios and scales to get an ultra-modern sound. It then takes these new skills and shows you how to build lines with a more fusionistic sound. The next section examines phrasing using specific note groups and how jazz and fusion guitarists practice these ideas. The final part covers playing over chord progressions used by jazz and fusion guitarists and then moves onto more complex progressions and explains non-functional harmonies. All this, plus five backing tracks with different changes and static chord groups for you to play over and extensive tabs for all the phrases, licks and concepts discussed in the DVD.

Sharing his knowledge is Tom Quayle, Guitar Idol finalist 2008 at the London Guitar Show. He is an in demand teacher, session musician and a fusion player with a highly developed knowledge of harmony, blistering technique and gorgeous tone. A regular contributor to iGuitar magazine, this is Tom’s first instructional DVD for LickLibrary.

To find out more about this exciting DVD and other fusion and jazz related products visit LickLibrary.

LickLibrary - From Rock To Fusion By Tom Quayle

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The Institute unveils eight Music Performance Scholarships worth over £33,000

The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance is delighted to announce, in conjunction with its leading partners, the launch of over £33,000 worth of scholarships for deserving students to study on the Institute’s renowned one-year Higher Diploma course. The scholarship categories are as follows:

GUITAR: Supported by Yamaha Guitar and Total Guitar Magazine

BASS: Supported by Musicman Bass and  Bass Guitar Magazine

DRUMS: Supported by Mapex/Paiste and Drummer Magazine

VOCALS: Supported by Shure

Each category includes one full scholarship (worth £5650 to the winner) and one partial scholarship (worth £2,800 each). The Higher Diploma is a specialist one-year full-time course, developed by the Institute to train and develop students of guitar, bass, drums and vocals for a career in the music industry. It was the first full-time course of its kind ever developed in the UK and achieving a place on the course continues to be an aspirational goal for young musicians. The Institute, widely recognised as one of Europe’s leading schools of modern music, counts on an unrivalled teaching and visiting faculty, many of whom regularly work and tour with some of the music industry’s greatest artists.

Previous Institute students can be found throughout today’s music industry, working with high profile artists such as Radiohead, The Vaccines, Jessie J, Kylie Minogue, Reef, The Script and Paolo Nutini. Previous scholarship winners can be seen performing with successful artists across the world including Estelle, N-Dubz and Lauren Hill.

Closing date for entries is 22nd February 2013 and there is always a great demand. The scholarships are open to anyone from the UK or internationally and the application form is available to download from

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