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Rotosound Launch New Guitar Slides

To complement its ever-increasing accessories series, Rotosound is pleased to introduce its new range of guitar slides. The new 2mm thick slides are available in glass, steel and brass and come in two lengths 60mm and 40mm. Whatever the type of music you play, the action your guitar has or the gauge of string you use, Rotosound has a guitar slide to suit you.

The new Pyrex Glass Bottleneck Slides (S1GD – Double Pack, RRP £9.95, S1GS – Single Pack RRP £5.95) are designed to be of the perfect weight and finish. They don’t dig in; they ride the strings giving a very pure, clean tone. The lovely smooth surface of these slides, gives a beautifully sweet glassy sound helping to create easy harmonics.

For a more retro, blues sound try the Brass Slide (S1BD – Double Pack RRP £24.95, S1BS – Single Pack £11.95), which gives a mellow growl, compared to a glass one. The metal is softer than the strings, making for a more tactile connection when you play. These slides have a bright resonance, high sustain and give a dirty gritty sound.

For a sound in-between these two, Rotosound have the stainless Steel Slide (S1SD – Double Pack RRP £16.95, S1SS – Single Pack RRP £9.95). Stainless steel is corrosion resistant and possess the ability to self heal minor surface scratches which means your slide will readily keep its frictionless, streamlined finish making it effortless to move along the strings. A Steel Slide has a sharp brassy tone, with some grit in it. The tone it produces is more brash with a long sustain and sparkling harmonics.

Rotosound Guitar Slides are engineered to the same exacting standards as all their strings. Selecting a guitar slide is like selecting guitar strings, a matter of personal preference, and when it comes to quality that why guitar players prefer Rotosound.

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Rotosound Steel Guitar Slide Rotosound Glass Guitar Slide Rotosound Brass Guitar Slide

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DW Upgrades Floating Rotor 9000 Pedals

Drum Workshop, Inc. has recently announced upgrades to its flagship line of 9000 bass drum pedals. Among the improvements to the new 9000 pedals are a Tri-Pivot Toe Clamp that includes three self-adjusting rubber-coated pads that securely anchors the pedal to a variety of bass drum counter hoop sizes, an EZ-Adjust Infinite Cam™ that allows drummers to change from an Accelerator® to Turbo® cam, or anywhere in-between, with the twist of a drum key, and a non- skid rubber pad under the base plate designed for wood floors, carpet and other playing surfaces. DW Director of Research and Development, Rich Sikra, comments, “Like all of our DW pedals, it can be a challenge to upgrade features or functionality, because these pedals are so universally accepted within the industry. We have to be careful not to change things up too much. Drummers are so comfortable with the feel and reliability, we have to make sure the changes we make are essential improvements. I think we’ve successfully accomplished that with the new 9000s; all of the feedback we’ve received has been very positive. We’re excited to get these new pedals into drummer’s hands, or should I say, feet?”

Other standard features include: Floating Rotor Drive™, Delta® ball-bearing hinge, 101 2-way beater, light-weight aluminum base plate, single post casting (9002), precision universal joints (9002), road-worthy, all-metal construction and more.

9002 pedals come standard with a free, upgraded ballistic nylon pedal case and all DW pedals include a limited 5 year warranty.

DW Founder, Don Lombardi, comments about the latest 9000s, “We’re always focused on innovation. Along with being a drum educator, it’s my other passion. To see how far we’ve come in terms of technology and build-quality on our pedals is exciting. It’s a dream come true to see drummers use our pedals to take the art of drumming even further.”

The 9000 Series single pedal retails for $499.99 and the 9002 double version retails for $966.99.
For further information, contact your local DW drum dealer or Drum Workshop, Inc. at: 3450 Lunar Court, Oxnard, CA 93030, tel: 805-485-6999, fax 805-485-1334, web:

DW9000 Single Pedal DW 9002 Double Pedal

Protection Racket Goes Hi-tech with the Launch of New iPad/Tablet Case

Protection Racket has launched a new case for the discerning musician looking for a multi-function, lightweight bag to protect their iPad/Tablet and carry-on items. The new slim line case has been designed specifically around the iPad /Tablet for perfect protection and ease of transport.

Made from their super durable Protection Racket Racketex, used on all their road tested cases, the high abrasion polyester won’t fade, crack or shrink and is 100% waterproof. The case incorporates many other much loved Protection Racket features such as superior dual density Propadd foam for maximum protection, black velvetex cotton lining, ergonomic neoprene carry handle and an adjustable, detachable padded shoulder strap.

The new case will keep your iPad/Tablet safe and sound and guard it from bumps, scratches, shock and other damage. It’s dimensions are 28cm/11” (H) by 20.5cm/8” (W) by 5cm/2” (D) and it comes with a dedicated pocket for the iPad/Tablet, two generous front pockets and another pocket on the back. It is finished with rugged zips and fastenings and its design blends cool style with functionality at an affordable price of £39.99/$59.99.

To find out more about how to protect your valuables visit

Protection Racket iPad/Tablet Case Protection Racket iPad/Tablet Case

Protection Racket Launches Musicians Tool Kit Bag

With a reputation for innovation and originality, Protection Racket has done it again to bring you the new Musicians Tool Kit Bag, designed with universal appeal for any musician needing a handy sized bag to keep together safely useful and valuable accessories. Whether it’s to keep safe your in-ears, torch, drum keys, picks, tools, sharpies or whatever you want to keep safe, this new bag is perfect for the road.

The bag, which measures 15” x 12” x 3”, unzips all the way round for easy access to the single main compartment which features six internal zipped pockets that are 100% waterproof. There are also three elasticated holders for your Sharpie pens, drumsticks, and tools – whatever you need to hold for easy access. With a central carrying handle and a truly affordable price of £16.99, this is the perfect way to transport all your tools, your gear, and your nick nacks from one place to the next.

Jules Tabberer-Stewart found his Musicians Tool Kit Bag invaluable when he tech’d for Ryan Jenkinson, drummer with Reverend & The Makers recently at Knebworth where they were supporting the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Ryan is one of Protection Rackets oldest endorsees and takes his family of bags, cases and backpacks with him everywhere.

Protection Racket’s travel gear is well designed, tough enough for the road, strong, secure and functional. To find out more please visit

Protection Racket Musicians Tool Kit Bag Protection Racket Musicians Tool Kit Bag Inside Ryan Jenkinson from Reverend & The Makers

Protection Racket Upgrades Stick Case Range

Protection Racket has listened to customer feedback, followed their continual product improvement plan and upgraded their range of five stick cases.

All the elastic straps have been replaced with new strong webbing straps, which are more hard wearing and the cases now come complete with quick release metal clips for added strength and durability. A new feature is an external popper to close the case once it is zipped-up to give extra protection and prevent any chance of your sticks falling out.

Plus, to make sure you really stand out form the crowd all the stick cases are now available for the first time in white. So the next time you play a festival – you will be able to find it easily in all the mud!

The range of stick cases offers a choice for everyone and every need. The slim line model is for the quick get away, travelling light with three pairs of sticks and comes in a standard (product No. 6027, RRP £16.99) or deluxe finish (product No. 6029, RRP £23.99). Then comes the standard case with space for ten pairs of sticks (product No. 6025, RRP £16.99). There is also a larger deluxe case for the more discerning drummer that wants to treat his twelve pairs of sticks to a little luxury when they travel (product No. 6024, RRP £24.99). Next is the supersize case for all the big boys out there that simply cannot narrow their choice down below sixteen pairs of sticks (product No.6026, RRP £23.99).

Protection Racket stick cases are made to the same rigorous construction quality as their drum cases by some very cool surfer dudes in Cornwall. It is a must have drum accessory for gigging drummers everywhere.

To find out more about the Protection Racket range stick case range please visit

Protection Racket Stick Case Protection Racket Stick Case White Protection Racket Stick Case Metal Clip Protection Racket Stick Case Popper

Rotosound Repackage Instrument Cable

British guitar and bass strings manufacturer, Rotosound has repackaged its extensive range of instrument cables, which now come in a choice of over thirty specifications.

The new packaging enhances an outstanding collection of varied and versatile high quality instrument cables, which have been engineered to Rotosound’s exacting standards. Featuring pure copper cable for superior signal transmission and audio excellence with world-class straight or angled jacks, these cables are precisely manufactured for consistency, strength and sound clarity.

The range includes a choice of lengths up to 45ft, straight or curly cables, which includes XLR, midi, patch, speakon, extension and phono leads. All cables are 100% hand inspected and finished in non-toxic PVC sleeves.

Engineered to high specifications, these cables are made tough for long lasting use both for live and studio applications. The rock solid reliability of Rotosound’s cables combined with long lasting durability make them a highly professional choice.

To find our more about the Rotosound cable range visit

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New Q2.0 guitar and bass pickups being powered by high efficiency neodymium magnets

Twenty years after introducing the world’s first neodymium powered guitar and bass pickups, the Q-tuner company announched the forthcoming launch of the new Q2.0 silver line pickups. The neodymium Q2.0 pickups feature silver colored coils being wound using Swiss made magnet wire especially designed for ultra-high frequency applications. The wire is silver plated in a ratio of 50 gr. Ag/1 Kg. CU. A render in 3D of a transparent Q2.0 pickup has just been posted at the mainpage over at:

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Rotosound Launch Design A Pick Competition

To celebrate the launch of their new guitar pick range, Rotosound are launching their ‘Design A Pick’ competition with a main prize of 200 of your winning design picks, plus the honour of having your pick launched by Rotosound.

The competition is to design an image to fit on a standard pick shape. The design needs to be bright and creative, exciting and clearly show your passion for music. It will be a striking imaginative concept, well executed and have an originality and point of difference that makes it stand out from the others.

There are eight categories to enter: rock, metal, blues, folk, punk, psychedelic, pop and jazz. Each category will have six winners who will have the opportunity to see their creation put in to production and go on sale worldwide, as well as receiving a 200 of their winning Rotosound picks.

To enter simply download the pick template from design your pick and send your entry stating which category you are entering to You can also enter by post to Rotosound, Unit 3B, Morewood Close, Sevenoaks, Kent, TH13 2HU including your email address, first and last name, address including post code and telephone number. The closing date for entries is on the 30th June. See the Rotosound website for full entry rules.

The winner will be chosen by a panel of judges including the Rotosound CEO Jason How and will be announced on the 31st July.

To find our more about the competition and the guitar pick range visit

Rotosound Unveil New Guitar Picks

Rotosound is delighted to add their range over forty new Guitar Picks to its ever-expanding selection of guitar accessories, helping guitar players everywhere in their search for the perfect pick. The guitar picks come in packs of six and are made from either celluloid, Delrin or PVC and are priced from £1.50 each inc.vat.

Historically celluloid was the first plastic ever used to make guitar picks. These picks are the ones that most closely resemble the feel and sound of real tortoise shell and come in the standard celluloid or pearloid finish. They both feel smooth to the touch with their polished finish and have a warm vintage sound. The celluloid guitar picks are available in four thicknesses, the classic shape in classic, small and large sizes, the heart shape, the small teardrop shape and the small shark tooth shape. The pearloid guitar picks are available in the classic size and shape.

Delrin guitar picks are less rigid than the celluloid ones and come in a wider range of thicknesses. They have a warm woody tone that emphasises the lower order harmonics. The Delrin guitar picks are extremely durable with a matte surface that makes the pick easier to grip, particularly with sweaty hands. These picks are available in the classic size and shape, in the shark tooth shape (same basic size, but with a more aggressive point for precision playing), or in a large classic shape.

If you need a more affordable guitar pick, then Rotosound can offer PVC guitar picks, in three different thicknesses in the classic size and shape with either an opaque or transparent finish.

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Rotosound Launch Guitar and Bass String Cleaners

Rotosound is proud to launch its new, patented string cleaner for guitar and bass. This unique tool has a revolutionary 360° degree cleaning process that revitalises your strings, helping to maintain that crisp new sound.

Cleaning strings has never been so easy. Simply open the Rotosound String Cleaner, slide it underneath the strings, close and secure it and slide it back and forth. It only takes a few seconds and cleans all the strings and the fretboard at the same time.

The microfibres of the pads in the Rotosound String Cleaner get into all the nooks and crannies of the strings and removes dead skin, dirt, oil, and other debris and contaminates on them. There is no need to use any solutions or chemicals that could cause your fingerboard to dry out or ruin the finish of your guitar. The microfibre pads are easy to maintain, simply wash them in warm water with a little liquid soap making the Rotosound String Cleaner very environmentally friendly.

Regular use each time you play your guitar will ensure your strings last three or four times longer, keep your strings neat, tidy and shiny and preserve the tone. It certainly beats buying a new set of strings every few weeks.

The Rotosound Guitar String Cleaner (GSC1, RRP £12.95 inc.vat) is suitable for all guitars; the Rotosound Bass String Cleaner (BSC1, RRP £17.95 inc.vat ) is suitable for four and five string basses. Both are small enough to keep in your guitar case, ready to use after every play to ensure optimum performance.

The Rotosound String Cleaner is the no hassle, no mess way to clean you guitar and bass strings, small investment with a big return.

To find our more about the Rotosound String Cleaners visit