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Avid Next-Generation DJ Software Torq 2.0 – Special Promotions

Buy Torq Xponent – Get a Gig Bag at No Extra Charge or Buy Torq Conectiv – Get Accessories at No Extra Charge

Avid UK — July 21st—Avid® (NASDAQ: AVID) today announced special promotions for  Torq® Xponent performance and production system and Torq®  Conectiv audio interface for connecting turntables or DJ CD players.

Buy the Torq Xponent and get a gig bag at no extra cost.  If you are ready to experience the future of DJing then the Torq Exponent is for you. It provides you with hands on control of all the revolutionary features in Torq 2.0 software in a portable compact form that is easy to take on the road. Purchase and register your Torq Xponent before 16th September 2011 and you will receive a custom designed, rugged construction, Gig Bag (worth more than £50) at no extra cost. The bag has lots of separate compartments for the Xponent, a laptop, any accessories – in fact everything you need for a night out.  Buy now or find a reseller for the Torq Xponent system.

Buy the Torq Conectiv and get accessories at no extra cost.  This offer means there has never been a better time to step up to the creative power of Torq. Purchase and register your Torq Conectiv before September 16th 2011 and at no extra cost you have a choice of two additional control CDs, two additional control vinyl mats or two slipmats. This means you could get everything you need to create and perform your own sound. The Torq Conectiv also includes an upgrade to Torq 2.0 at no extra cost. Buy now or find a reseller for the Torq Connectiv system.

Offers are available while stocks last – so act quickly and don’t miss out.

Note: Everyone purchasing Torq Xponent or Torq Conectiv from January 13, 2011 to September 30, 2011 will receive a free upgrade to Torq 2.0 when it becomes available.

Further information on Torq and the upgrade amnesty can be found here:

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The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance was recently the proud host of BBC Radio 1xtra; Tim Westwood, DJ Bailey, Ace and members of their production team, who attended on Thursday 23rd September 2010 for a workshop and Q&A session with selected students.

The session was organised as part of BBC Radio 1xtra community outreach activity surrounding their flagship music event ‘1xtra Live’ which was held at Wembley Arena on Saturday 25th September.

The hour long session comprised of short talks from each of the guest speakers about their current careers and experiences on making it within the music industry.  In addition to the Q&A session students were given the unique opportunity to see a live radio broadcast in action: On Friday 24th September BBC Radio 1xtra hosted a live on-air party for the all students involved and during the show Institute students were able to showcase radio jingles and idents they had written and recorded, have a go at DJ-ing/mixing and film content for the BBC Radio 1xtra website whilst enjoying some special live performances and interviews.

Institute student Nikita Kelleher-Cattermole commented: “Everyone from the 1xtra team were so friendly and very helpful, they told us and encouraged us to send them our tunes as they listened to every track sent in! I found the whole day really interesting, great fun and made lots of contacts!”

For further information this and other events at the Institute, contact us directly on:

About the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance:

The Institute is widely recognised as one of Europe’s leading schools of modern music. Established almost a quarter of a century ago, the Institute has been developing and delivering cutting-edge courses to students of contemporary music for longer than any other UK-based school. Originally known as the Guitar Institute and Basstech, the school has built its reputation on providing world class teaching using the very best teachers and state-of-the-art facilities.  It now offers a range of professional courses including a 3-year Degree (BMus), a 2-year Foundation Degree, a fully-funded 1-year Diploma, a specialist 1-year Higher Diploma, a Professional Diploma in Songwriting plus a wide portfolio of part-time courses designed to meet a variety of training needs for guitarists, bass players, drummers, vocalists and songwriters. Past or present Institute students can be found everywhere, touring with the likes of Moby and The Noisettes, playing with bands like Radiohead and  Babyshambles and artists like Eric Clapton and Kylie Minogue, and also working as teachers all over the world.

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American DJ Debuts The LS-60/A Portable Lighting System

American DJ introduces the new LS-60/A Portable Lighting System. This all-in-one lighting package now includes the company’s popular 4-channel T16F foot controller, which comes with two floor switches. Using these convenient switches, performers can control chase programs and blackout with their feet, while keeping their hands free for mixing tracks or playing guitar riffs.

Like previous ADJ portable lighting systems, the LS-60/A brings together everything mobile entertainers need to put on a great music-chasing light show — all in one convenient, lightweight, affordable package. Included in the LS-60/A system are four Par-38 high-polish par cans, four 150-watt light bulbs, one LTS-6 tripod stand, a 4-pack of color gels (green, blue, red and yellow) and – the newest addition – the 4-channel T16F foot controller.

“This is the first American DJ stand system of its type to include our T16F foot controller,” said Scott Davies, general manager of the American DJ Group of Companies.

The T16F features two foot switches, one for controlling chase program selection and the other for controlling blackout. The controller comes with 16 built-in chase programs – 8 normal and 8 with fade time – making it easy to put your best foot forward and conjure up a variety of exciting light show patterns. For added versatility, the lights can be set to chase via sound activation or 3 selectable speeds.

The four lights featured in the LS-60/A system are American DJ’s professional high-polish aluminum Par-38 cans, powered by LL-Par 38 150-watt bulbs (also included). Great-looking and durable, the Par-38s can be converted instantly to colored lights with the easy-to-use green, blue, red and yellow gels that come with the system.

Hanging brackets allow the par cans to be easily mounted on the American DJ LTS-6 lighting stand, which is also part of the system. A black tripod stand, the LTS-6 features a T-bar with 8 hanging point bolts for positioning the lights’ brackets. Weighing just 11 lbs. and extending up to 9 ft., the stand collapses quickly for easy transport.

The entire LS-60/A system weighs a total of just 30 lbs., making it ideal for mobile DJs, musicians and small stage productions. “This is a very portable system that gives traveling performers and shows an easy way to carry their lighting rig with them,” said Davies. “It comes with everything you need to put on a great chasing light show.” The all-in-one system even includes the necessary cable for connecting the controller to the lights.

Consumers who purchase the LS-60/A system will also enjoy the advantage of saving money over buying the components individually. The suggested retail price of the LS-60A system — including four Par-38A cans, four 150-watt bulbs, T16F chase controller, LTS-6 stand and color gels – is just $299.95.

For more information, visit their web site at

LS-60/A Portable Lighting System

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Global Truss Introduces The SQ-CP1 All-in-One Mobile Rigging System

Now, mobile DJs can stay grounded while setting up their high-flying lighting systems. With the introduction of the new SQ-CP1 Mobile Crank-Up System, Global Truss America has made it possible for lighting users to keep their feet on the floor as they assemble professional-quality overhead rigs of hanging effects and fixtures.

The SQ-CP1 Mobile Crank-Up System is a cost-saving, all-in-one package that includes two square pieces of truss, the necessary support bars and two crank stands — everything you need to erect a fully loaded, stable rig without ever having to climb a ladder.

“You can stand there and hang your lights at eye level, then crank ‘er up,” said Ken Kahn, general manager of Global Truss America. “That’s why crank stands make it so much easier to rig your lighting, especially if you’re a solo act. Plus, the SQ-CP1 Mobile Crank-Up System’s super-strong lightweight aluminum trussing is simple to assemble — no tools are required, and all the connector pins you need come included.”

The two 6.5′ square sections of SQ-4112 truss go across the top of the rig. The STSB-005 Support Bars attach to the tops of the ST-132 Crank Stands and hold the truss securely in place. The entire SQ-CP1 Mobile Crank-Up System snaps together so quickly, one person can set it up in about 15 minutes.

Global Truss’ TUV-approved trussing is made from the high-strength 6082-T6 aluminum alloy, a durable and corrosion-resistant material used by the aviation industry. This alloy offers the highest tensile strength currently available and is three times lighter than steel, so the system components are incredibly durable yet easy to transport. The alloy is also easily finished, allowing Global Truss customers to special-order a variety of attractive colors and powder-coat finishes.

Like all Global Truss rigs, the SQ-CP1 Mobile Crank-Up System is extremely flexible, so you can expand and re-configure it for use at different venues. In fact, you can use the company’s full range of trussing products and conical connectors to build whatever structure your lighting system requires.

Each of the ST-132 Crank Stands is rated at 220 lbs., so the entire SQ-CP1 Mobile Crank-Up System can hold a maximum load of 440 lbs. — enough to include about four to six moving heads plus several plug-and-play lights. Since the stands are just 63″ high at their lowest point, the average person can assemble the rig and crank it up to as high as 158″ by raising each side a little bit at a time.

The STSB-005 Support Bars measure 120″ wide by 95″ high and have a diameter of 40mm. Their 18″-wide secure latches are adjustable from 4.5″ to 16″/8″.

For more information, visit their web site at

Global Truss SQ-CP1 All-in-One Mobile Rigging System

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iZotope Licenses OzoneMP Audio Enhancement Software For Inclusion With MixMeister Fusion DJ Software

iZotope is excited to announce that MixMeister Technology of Seattle, WA has licensed a special edition of OzoneMP to be included in MixMeister’s new DJ software, MixMeister Fusion.

OzoneMP adds warmth, bass, and sparkle by modeling the analog characteristics of vintage audio equipment such as tube amplifiers and valve equalizers. The intuitive graphical interface allows users to fully customize the sound quickly and easily, making it ideal for DJs and electronic artists.

MixMeister Fusion throws away the traditional dual-deck metaphor in favor of a much more powerful approach, where an entire DJ set can be constructed on-screen. With a workflow similar to digital audio workstations or video production software, Fusion lets you blend full-length songs on a timeline and reorder or remix them, while keeping everything in perfect sync at all times. By automating most beat mixing tasks entirely, DJs can be free to experiment more creatively with their music.

MixMeister Fusion costs $329.95 and runs on Windows XP. Users can download a free trial copy from

For more information, visit their web site at

Gemini DJ Releases iTrax Mixing Console For iPod

Gemini DJ, a division of GCI Technologies, proudly announces the release of its iTrax Mixing Console for the iPod™, the newest addition to Gemini’s premier iSeries product line. With video-enabled iPod compatibility, a USB port, and input selection switches for added versatility, the iTrax Mixing Console for iPod™ debuts as the perfect solution for anyone who wants to mix up the party using the world’s favorite MP3 player.

With two angled docking stations allowing for easy user access to iPod™ controls when browsing through music libraries, each iPod™ channel features 3-band EQ controls with Gain and Phono/Line input switches for the incorporation of other audio devices such as turntables, CD players, and more.

The iTrax is equipped a composite video output on the console’s back panel for use with the latest Photo/Video-enabled iPod™ products, 2 phono/line inputs, and a USB port to allow the iTrax to function as a dock when connected to a computer, allowing the user to edit the music library of either iPod™.

“The iTrax was created to serve a new breed of DJ who needs easy access to a vast library of music and video stored on an Apple iPod.” explains Louis Dorio, Gemini Product Development. “This DJ isn’t looking for a box full of gadgets and gimmicks but instead a simple, fashionable, and cost-effective platform to do what they love.” In addition to all these great features, the iTrax also features master volume control, dual VU meter display, a user-replaceable X-Fader, a fully featured cue section, and a microphone control panel with 2-band EQ and volume control. The iTrax has an MSRP of $229.95.

The iTrax2, an enhanced model including additional features such as touch-sensitive jog wheels and pitch control for beatmixing, is scheduled for release in Q4 of 2006.

For more information, visit their web site at

Gemini DJ iTrax iPod Mixing Console

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Audiofile Engineering Releases Free Loop Editor Tool

Audiofile Engineering™ today introduced Loop Editor™, a simple audio loop editing tool. Designed in Cocoa from the ground up, Loop Editor proudly takes advantage of Quartz, CoreAudio and other solid OS X features. Loop Editor is now available for a price of $0.

Loop Editor is available immediately for download here.

The company is also very pleased to announce that all their software will be distributed via Appcasts, Loop Editor being the first. If that weren’t enough, all future releases of Audiofile Engineering software will have the capability to download and install software updates from within the application.

More information regarding Appcasting can be found here.

For more information, visit their web site at