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Lick Library Bring You Jam With Foo Fighters Vol.2

LickLibrary have just launched their Jam With Foo Fighters Vol.2 guitar tuition DVD, which takes you step by step through five tracks from the Grammy award winning ‘Wasting Light’ album, plus classic tracks from ‘There is Nothing Left to Lose’ and ‘Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace’.

Top guitar teacher Danny Gill shows you how to get that unique wall of guitar sound produced by using two or three guitars in a song, looking at each part and showing you how they all fit together. Jam with Foo Fighters Vol.2 (RRP £27.99) is a double DVD complete with a CD of all the backing tracks and over two and half hours of guitar lessons. It features five tracks from the Wasting Light album; Walk, winner of Grammy Best Rock Song 2012, the melodic These DaysBridges Burningwith its gutsy machine gun guitars, Rope with its excellent demonstration of how three guitars can combine so effectively and White Limo winner of the Grammy Best Hard Rock / Metal performance 2012. Danny also looks at Breakout and Long Road to Ruin, both again from Grammy award winning albums.

If you want to play like the Foo Fighters and find out more about rhythm guitar then this is the guitar tuition DVD set for you. It is available only from where you can also find other Foo Fighters products.

Lick Library - Jam With Foo Fighters Vol.2

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Slap Bass In Six Weeks – From LickLIbrary

Slap Bass In Six Weeks, LickLibrary’s new DVD six part set is designed to help you achieve the motor skills and technique necessary to master this style of bass playing. These DVDs offer a program of lessons that aims to get you playing slap bass from scratch to an advanced level in just six weeks!

Slap Bass In Six Weeks (RRP £16.99 per DVD or RRP £79.99 the set) is full of visual examples, which clearly depict what each of the tutor’s hand is doing using a split screen. All the basics are included and starting from day one each bass lesson is broken down into manageable easy to follow sections looking at many of the techniques you will need. Even if you have never slapped before you will soon start sounding the part.

  • Week One: Overview techniques and equipment and starts introducing skill-building exercises.
  • Week Two: Looks at pops and pulls, introduces ghost notes and explains Machine Gun Triplets.
  • Week Three: Use of ghost note muting and shuffles in style of Mark King and Stanley Clarke.
  • Week Four: Introduces damped thumb hits and builds on Mark King rolling open string riffs.
  • Week Five: Complex bass lines, faster tempos and melody style riffs in manner of Marcus Miller.
  • Week Six: Tips and tricks, drop D tuning and combining and using techniques learnt over six weeks.

The DVDs also come with backing tracks, which are locked into the drums making them easy to play over and nail the techniques you learn.

Sharing these skills with you is highly sought after bass player – Phil Williams. He has played and toured with many well-known bands and artists as diverse as Gary Barlow, Roger Daltrey, and Keith Emerson to name just a few.

You can find full details for Slap Bass in Six weeks at LickLibrary along with many other bass related DVDs.

LickLIbrary - Slap Bass In Six Weeks

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From Rock To Fusion By Tom Quayle – Exclusive To LickLibrary

LickLibrary’s From Rock to Fusion, by Tom Quayle, is aimed at intermediate to advanced rock / blues / country guitar players wanting to make the move to fusion or a changes based style of playing. This guitar lesson DVD, bought to you by LickLibrary, will help you develop killer chops and improve your theory knowledge in and easy and exciting way.

From Rock To Fusion By Tom Quayle (RRP £19.99) is split in to three main sections. The first section shows you how to improve your legato and hybrid picking, then demonstrates how to use them in arpeggios and scales to get an ultra-modern sound. It then takes these new skills and shows you how to build lines with a more fusionistic sound. The next section examines phrasing using specific note groups and how jazz and fusion guitarists practice these ideas. The final part covers playing over chord progressions used by jazz and fusion guitarists and then moves onto more complex progressions and explains non-functional harmonies. All this, plus five backing tracks with different changes and static chord groups for you to play over and extensive tabs for all the phrases, licks and concepts discussed in the DVD.

Sharing his knowledge is Tom Quayle, Guitar Idol finalist 2008 at the London Guitar Show. He is an in demand teacher, session musician and a fusion player with a highly developed knowledge of harmony, blistering technique and gorgeous tone. A regular contributor to iGuitar magazine, this is Tom’s first instructional DVD for LickLibrary.

To find out more about this exciting DVD and other fusion and jazz related products visit LickLibrary.

LickLibrary - From Rock To Fusion By Tom Quayle

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New Release From LickLibrary – Learn To Play Rainbow

LickLibrary brings you the definitive guitar lesson on learning to play Rainbow, featuring songs and solos by the legendary Ritchie Blackmore. This incredible double DVD set looks at five classic tracks from the early Rainbow / Ronnie James Dio years and covers a whole range or guitar techniques with over three hours of lessons.

Learn To Play Rainbow (RRP 24.99) takes you through note for note the epic Stargazer full of symphonic influences, the power metal track Gates of Babylon with its extended solo, and the progressive rock track Man On The Silver Mountain with its catchy riff and amazing solo. Also included is Rainbow’s instrumental cover of the Yardbird’s Still I’m Sad, which features remarkable guitar fretwork and Kill the King from the seminal Rainbow album Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Danny Gill, the much-admired guitarist and tutor, breaks each track down into its component parts and gives clear demonstrations of Ritchie Blackmore’s techniques that include arpeggios, sweet picking and his neo-classical style of playing. He also talks about the scales that Ritchie Blackmore used including the diatonic, harmonic minor and the Hungarian or gypsy minor scales. The DVD allows you to watch any part of each lesson or track again and again through the easy to use menu navigation.

Find Learn To Play Rainbow at LickLibrary along with the related Jamtrax CD or buy them as Perfect Partner Set and save money.

LickLibrary - Learn To Play Rainbow DVD

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New Release From LickLibrary – Learn To Play Classic Acoustic Tracks

Fresh from the LickLibrary Studios is a new double DVD set, Learn To Play Classic Acoustic Tracks. Popular tutor, Danny Gill, takes you note for note through five classic tracks with over three hours of guitar lessons that help you explore the theories and techniques of the finger picking style of playing.

Learn to Play Classic Acoustic Tracks (RRP £24.99) features the slow melodic Dust In The Wind, written by Kerry Livgren of Kansas as a finger exercise to learn finger picking. There is also the easy beginner song Father and Son by Cat Stevens, which has a nice folk feel to it and Led Zeppelin’s cover of Babe I’m Gonna Leave You, the ideal track to jam to. Then looking at capoed playing Danny walks you through Here Comes the Sun by George Harrison of The Beatles and Landslide by Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac. Both of which contain interesting picking patterns.

In these guitar lessons from LickLibrary, Danny Gill shares with you a number of tips and techniques that will help you improve your right hand technique. He also demonstrates a few tricks that you can use when playing an acoustic guitar rather than an electric one. You can easily watch how the fingers of Danny’s right hand move independently, playing non adjacent strings, whilst you can also see what his left hand is doing and where the fret is capoed with the split screen production of the video.

You can find Learn To Play Classic Acoustic Tracks at LickLibrary along with the related Perfect Partner Sets, which includes the jamtrax for these guitar lessons.

LickLibrary - Learn To Play Classic Acoustic Tracks DVD

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LickLibrary Launch Quick Licks Van Halen Vol 2

LickLibrary launches Quick Licks Van Halen Vol 2 DVD, featuring more than thirty guitar licks in the style of superstar guitarist Eddie Van Halen. Following the success of Quick Licks Van Halen Vol 1, this new guitar tuition DVD brings you a whole arsenal of new licks in a series of professional guitar lessons beautifully explained by popular tutor Jamie Humphries.

Quick Licks Van Halen Vol 2 (RRP £19.99) features guitar lessons with all the techniques you’d expect on a Van Halen DVD, such as tapped harmonics, tremolo picking, whammy bar dive bombs and much, much more. Included on this DVD is a solo in the style of Eddie Van Halen that uses a range of Eddie’s trademark licks, which you can learn and then practice along with the backing track included.

iGuitar columnist and UK session player extraordinaire, Jamie Humphries, talks you through all the lessons, breaking the concepts down easily understandable chunks. And at the same time you will be able to clearly see what both his hands do on the fret board and strumming with the all-important LickLibrary split screen presentation.

There are loads of Van Halen learning tools at LickLibrary as well as Quick Licks Van Halen Vols 1 & 2. Check them out and then discuss your progress at the LickLibrary Musicians Community.

LickLibrary Quick Licks Van Halen Vol 2

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Learn To Play Rock Basslines – A New Release From LickLibrary

LickLibrary’s Learn to Play Rock Basslines takes you through some of the world’s greatest bass parts in the history of music. These high quality DVD lessons are a definitive guide to learning bass guitar and ideal for beginners through to intermediate players to master their instrument and nail some killer tracks in the process.

Learn To Play Rock Basslines (RRP £23.99) includes an amazing twenty classic rock tracks from the last five decades. Starting in the sixties the DVD takes you through Jimi Hendrix’s Hey Joe, and move’s onto the seventies to explore the genius of bass playing Phil Lynott in Thin Lizzy’s Dancing in the Moonlight, John Paul Jones in Led Zeppelin’s Black Dog and Roger Waters in Money by Pink Floyd. Eighties tracks include Guns n’ Roses Sweet Child Of Mine and Rush’s Tom Sawyer. Nineties songs covered include Metallica’s Enter Sandman and Give It Away by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. More recent tracks featured include Cochise by Audioslave, Muse’s Hysteria and Vertigo by U2. Plus there are another nine solid rock bass grooves on this DVD that will help take your bass playing to a whole new dimension.

Teaching you about these landmarks in bass playing is highly sought after bass player, writer and teacher Phil Williams. Phil has spent the last twenty years collaborating live and in sessions with a diverse group of artists that includes Gary Barlow, Roger Daltrey and Craig David.

Learn to Play Rock Basslines is available at Lick Library where you can also find Learn To Play 20 Funk Bass Lines and a collection of Bass Legend DVDs that includes John Paul Jones, Flea and a whole lot more.

LickLibrary Learn To Play Rock Basslines

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Andy James: Shred Concepts – available now from LickLibrary

The long awaited DVD gives you a unique insight into the guitar styles and techniques of Andy James one of the UK’s master shredders.

Andy James: Shred Concepts (RRP 19.99) showcases Andy’s phenomenal technique while giving you plenty to learn. The DVD explores three note per string pentatonic shapes, looks at arpeggios, takes you through multiple note sequences, talks about phrasing concepts and shares his ideas about open string licks. He does all this while through showing you his vast array of killer playing techniques that include alternate picking, string skipping, tapping and much, much more. In fact all you need to know to get your instrument screaming!

Andy James, lead guitarist of Sacred Mother Tongue and long standing LickLibrary guitar teacher, is regarded as one of the UK’s top shred and metal guitarists whose playing combines terrifyingly quick alternate picking, sweeps and taps, chilling precise riffs with a brilliant sense of melody. His latest DVD allows you to clearly see what both of his hands are doing as he takes you through each technique step by step in small manageable sound bites. Play each section over and over again until you nail each skill or use the menu to pick and choose what you want to learn and soon you will be taking your playing to a whole new level.

Find Andy James: Shred Concepts at LickLibrary along with Andy James Learn To Shred Guitar In 6 Weeks and many more shred guitar lesson DVDs from LickLibrary.

LickLibrary Andy James: Shred Concepts

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New Release From LickLibrary – Learn To Play Rolling Stones Volume Two

The long awaited Learn To Play Rolling Stones Volume Two has just been launched by LickLibrary and features over three hours of note for note guitar lessons. This outstanding double DVD set brings to you five great Rolling Stones tracks and will help you learn some legendary Keith Richards riffs that have inspired generations of guitarists.

Learn To Play Rolling Stones Vol 2 (RRP £23.99) includes five classic songs from across the stones fifty-year career. There is the mid tempo rocker Gimme Shelter, bluesy Tumbling Dice and from the Beggars Banquet album Street Fighting Man and chart topping Sympathy For The Devil featuring one of many killer Keith Richards solos. Finally there’s the track Start Me Up that opens with Keith Richards’ trademark riff. There’s something for everyone in the DVD, which will help you with learning different tunings, mastering your rhythm guitar playing and getting into playing a cool groove.

Popular LickLibrary tutor, Danny Gill, breaks each track down into its component parts and reveals the secrets of how Keith Richards plays some of those great riffs. You will be able to easily see what both Danny’s hands are doing on the guitar with the split screen a standard feature of all Lick Library DVDs, plus you can watch any part of each lesson or track again and again through the easy to use menu navigation.

You can find Learn To Play Rolling Stones Vol 2 and Vol 1 at LickLibrary along with the related Jamtrax CDs or buy them as Perfect Partner Sets and save money.

LickLibrary - Learn To Play Rolling Stones Volume Two

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Celebrate Ten Years Of Download with Lick Library Guitar Tuition DVDs

Lick Library can help you celebrate ten years of the Download festival with a formidable collection of shredding heaven guitar tuition DVDs. Whether you are going to see and enjoy, or simply cannot make it you can to learn to play like all your heroes.

Download Festival is leader of the pack when it comes to rock festivals and this tenth anniversary year boasts rock superstars like Metallica, Black Sabbath and Megadeth.

Check out the Metallica collection at Lick Library which includes Metallica Jamtrax, volumes one, two and three, Learn to play Metallica volumes one, two and three. You can also find Learn to play Metallica: The Solos, and Quick Licks: Kirk Hammett.

You might also like Learn to Play Black Sabbath, Jam with Back Sabbath and Black Sabbath Jamtrax. Or take a look at Learn to Play Megadeth and the Megadeth Jamtrax to complete the collection.

There are also bargains to be had with the perfect partner sets, and books showing you how to play all the Metallica, Black Sabbath and Megadeth tracks you know and love.

Email a picture of your Download 2012 ticket/wristband to and get 20% discount off selected DVDs!

You can find all of these at where you can also find stacks of other heavy metal products.

Lick Library Jam with Back Sabbath DVD Lick Library Learn to play Metallica Vol. 3 DVD