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10% off All Rockschool Titles At Musicroom From Nov 12th – Dec 24th

Rockschool, the leading accredited provider of rock and pop exams worldwide is spreading the Christmas cheer early this year with a HUGE 10% off ALL its current titles on That’s more than a gigantic 90 titles!

This jaw-dropping offer incorporates all of Rockschool’s Grade books and Companion guides. This includes the new 2012 Syllabus books for Guitar, Bass and Drums as well as the popular Hot Rock editions for Guitar and Drums. Whether you’re a guitarist, vocalist, or drummer you can grab yourself a deal this Christmas.

Included titles:

  • 2012-2018 Guitar, Bass & Drums Syllabus (Grades Debut – 8)
  • 2000-2006 Guitar, Bass & Drums Syllabus (Grades Debut – 8)
  • Hot Rock Guitar (Grades 1 – 3)
  • Hot Rock Drums (Grades 1 – 5)
  • Male & Female Vocals (Grades 1- 8)
  • Band Based Keys (Grades Debut – 5)
  • Piano (Grades Debut – 8)
  • 2000-2006 Companion Guides (Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals & BBK)
  • Guitar the movie (Grades Debut – 3)
  • Search and Reflect – John Stevens     

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10% off All Rockschool Titles

Patchbanks & Sound Co. Product Release Seduction Piano Melodies

Patchbanks presents a delightful collection of 100 breathtaking piano melody loops for producing smooth R&B ballads and beats. Inside you’ll discover plenty of musical ideas arranged into chord structures and melody licks that will get you groovin’ on the spot! This collection was strictly composed by talented R&B music producers and provides nothing less then quality musicianship.

  • Quantity: 100 Loops
  • File Type: Wav
  • Music Styles: R&B, Pop, Neo-Soul
  • Bpm Range: 60-92 Bpm
  • Price: $19.95

For demos and product info please visit

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Pianoteq Releases Pianoteq 1.0.2 With Intel Mac Compatibility

The new update 1.0.2 of Pianoteq VSTi/AU now supports Mac Intel CPUs, something that many Mac users have been waiting for. This update also slightly improves performance for Core and Athlon CPUs.

Pianoteq is the very first and only truly modelled piano. It represent a brand new generation of pianos that gives the musician possibilities to tweak the piano sound in a way that until now only has been possible with an acoustic piano. Pianoteq only takes up 8MB on the disk and is thus possible even for use with a modern laptop.

For more information, visit their web site at

Pianoteq Pianoteq 1.0.2 With Intel Mac Compatibility

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AraldFX And Dash Signature Release Mac Version Of Grand Electrix Virtual Piano

AraldFX and Dash Signature has released the Mac version (AU, VST and AU Universal Binary) of Grand Electrix Virtual Piano, an emulation of the famous CP70 electroacoustic piano.

To celebrate the Mac release the price is reduced to only 50 USD for two weeks, until 10th of September 2006 (then it will get back to full price $79 US). The license at $50 US includes both Mac OS X and PC Windows versions.

“Grand Electrix” is a sample based virtual instrument featuring a new stream from disk custom technology (“direct from disk”), for very low memory and CPU usage. Samples are streamed in real time from the computer disk, so there is no need for large amounts of RAM.


  • 180 MB multisample full decay, no loops, crossfading layers
  • Stream from disk custom technology for very low memory and CPU usage
  • Complete control on Velocity response, curve, min max, sensivity
  • 3 Band EQ
  • Tremolo
  • Chorus
  • Temperament Menu (microtuning)
  • Stretch tuning adjustable

Samples are derived from the acclaimed Hollow Sun library “Definitive CP 70”. A demo of Grand Electrix Virtual Piano is available here.

For more information, visit their web site at

AraldFX And Dash Grand Electrix Virtual Piano

Synthogy Releases Universal Binary Version Of Ivory Grand Pianos

Synthogy is pleased to announce the release of their first Universal Binary version of Ivory for Audio Units. While the update is essential for all Intel-based Macs, it is also highly recommended for all users with Mac PowerPC processors running OS 10.4 or higher. Included in this download and installation is also the first release of the Ivory stand-alone version for Mac.

The update is free for all registered Ivory users and requires a previous installation of Ivory 1.5. Both the Ivory stand-alone version and the Ivory UB AU update plug-in are installed in the same package that is available for download at Synthogy’s website.

Ivory retails for $349 and is available for AU, VST (Mac/PC) and RTAS (Mac/PC). The Italian Grand Expansion Pack for Ivory is expected for a release within the next few weeks.

For more information, visit their web site at

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E-MU Announces 7GB Grand Piano Sound Library For Emulator X And Proteus X

E-MU® Systems has announced its new Platinum 88 Grand Piano Sound Library that offers Emulator X and Proteus X users over 7GB of 24-bit grand piano samples.

Using a meticulously sampled Steinway Model L concert grand piano, the Platinum 88 features twelve layers of samples for each of the piano’s 88 notes: five layers with the sustain pedal up, six with the sustain pedal down, and a layer entirely dedicated to note-off sounds.

Every note was recorded through its natural delay, enabling the Platinum 88 bank to be completely free of loops. The samples were then mapped to their proper key and velocity positions in Emulator X and Proteus X and programmed with Pedals and Continuous Controllers.

Also included are 1GB and 200MB 16-bit versions of the piano for ultimate sequencing flexibility and optimized performance. The Platinum 88 is priced at $149.99 and available from E-MU Dealers and direct at

For more information, visit their web site at

E-MU 7GB Grand Piano Sound Library

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Propellerhead Announces Reason Pianos ReFill

Propellerhead Software today announced Reason Pianos ReFill. Reason Pianos is the perfect pop and rock music piano package: three highly realistic, infinitely shapeable pianos that exploit Reason 3.0’s Combinator device. Because there is no one way to record a piano, Reason Pianos were recorded from multiple angles, using six different sets of microphones.

Where other piano libraries offer a fixed piano sound that may or may not suit an individual’s project, Reason Pianos were recorded using multiple microphones, leaving the mixing and shaping of the piano sound to the user. A large selection of Combinator presets ranging from basic microphone setups to wide multi-mic patches guarantee absolute sonic control and the flexibility to change the piano, mics and recording setup in the mix.

The Pianos
Reason Pianos features a Steinway D grand piano, a Yamaha C7 grand piano and a Steinway K upright piano, each selected for its distinctive pop music feel. The Steinway grand is considered to be the world’s finest grand piano, the Yamaha C7 is a classic rock and jazz piano with a distinctive sound, and the Steinway upright is a well balanced upright known for its deep tone. The hand-selected instruments were tuned and adjusted to perfection.

The Pianos in the Mix
The Piano, with its wide tonal range and broad frequency spectrum, is a notoriously tricky instrument to handle in a mix. Not any more. Each of the four stereo pairs and two separate mono microphones used to record the pianos show up as individual channels in Reason’s mixer, enabling the user to tailor the piano sound to suit the other elements in a song. For example, the mono ribbon mic signal alone might be perfect for a busy track, or the floor microphones can be brought up a notch to boost the bass. Additionally there are EQ, compression and other effects for the individual mics as well as front-panel controls for hammer noise, presence and release.

About Hypersampling
The three pianos reproduced in the Reason Pianos ReFill were recorded in large, hardwood floored recording rooms, the perfect environment for pop piano recordings. To capture every aspect of the pianos’ sounds – from resonance in the room to their unique timbres – each was recorded at multiple velocity levels from multiple angles using six different sets of microphones. A quality blend of vintage and modern day technology was used throughout the recording process, for a warm yet crystal clear sound.

Philosophy Behind the Library
The Reason Pianos ReFill does not seek to deliver a set of clinically perfect, scientifically reproduced concert pianos. Rather, these are pianos to play, highly responsive instruments that simply sound good – without filling up hard drives, chewing up RAM, or depleting CPU resources. The pianos are set up ready to go for production with 42 preset patches. In addition, 29 “style” patches are included for tweaky, layered, processed pianos that mimic many classic sounds.

Pricing and Availability
The Reason Pianos ReFill will be available at Propellerheads’ Dealers on August 15, 2006 worldwide or directly from Propellerhead Software for a MSRP of US$129/EUR120.

For more information, visit their web site at

Propellerhead Reason Pianos ReFill

Native Instruments Releases Akoustik Piano 1.1 R2

Native Instruments just released Akoustik Piano 1.1 R2, a free update for its piano software instrument. The new version offers significant improvements and additional features in almost every area, further extending its recognized strengths in sonic realism, playability, functionality and ease of use.

In Akoustik Piano 1.1, a new Overtone technology delivers strikingly realistic string resonance for all three grand pianos and the upright piano. To provide even smoother sonic characteristics across the full key range, the sample sets of all four included pianos have been meticulously retuned and re-adjusted in the new version. The update also adds Stretched Tuning, the preferred tuning mode for classical solo piano performances, and adds highly realistic “Repedalling” behaviour to its implementation of the sustain pedal.

Furthermore, Akoustik Piano 1.1 offers an enhanced user interface, an improved Recorder section with MIDI song import, MIDI automation for a wide range of sound parameters including volume and pan, an adjustable “bass boost” function, and an easy-to-use output limiter. The update also increases the number of maximum voices to 150, providing sufficient polyphony headroom for even the most demanding piano arrangements.

With the new version, all four pianos can now be fully used in both KONTAKT 2.1 and KORE. The 1.1 update even includes specific KONTAKT 2 patches for each instrument, containing individual matching Performance Views for use in Native Instruments’ award-winning flagship sampler. The Performance View gives users full control of the Akoustik Piano sound parameters directly within the KONTAKT 2 rack.

The 1.1 update for Windows and Mac is now available as a free download for all registered users of Akoustik Piano on the NI website.

Mac Intel compatibility for Akoustik Piano will be introduced with a separate update, which will be released within the third quarter of 2006.

For more information, visit their web site at

Native Instruments Akoustik Piano 1.1 R2