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Sonicbytes Announces Official Release Of Phrazor

Sonicbytes is happy to announce the official release of Phrazor. The latest development cycle adds numerous features covering all existent and new domains. This release elevates Phrazor to an all-purpose audio workstation with an outstanding workflow and live expressiveness.

Phrazor is available for Windows and functions as a VST Instrument or VST Effect and it is also a fully fledged VST Instrument and Effect Host. It costs Euro 49 (USD 69) and a demo version with working save/load functions is available.

New features since Preview #6

Starter Kit

  • 47 tutorials covering all important features
  • Help pages in about panel
  • Factory containing 170+ clips and prepared tracks
  • 3 GTG Synths
  • Complete Kjaerhus Classic Series bundled
  • 76 ready to use drummaps
  • Updated PDF manual (80 pages)


  • Save command for projects, tracks, slots, programs and clips
  • Lock mechanism for programs and states
  • Info for projects, tracks, slots, programs and clips
  • Browser menus for grooves and drummaps
  • Drag tracks to clips (extracts clips from tracks)
  • Smart tab selection in browser/manager
  • Save message box when closing Phrazor standalone
  • Set tempo dialog (doubleclick on BPM)
  • Automap functions for clips and states
  • Filetype “Clipmap” stores complete remote-assignment-sets


  • Drag MIDI clips from Phrazor to host or any other application
  • Multiple files can be dragged to Phrazor (e.g. importing multiple MIDI files at once)
  • Save all clips to folder function
  • MIDI Export of single or all clips


  • Main panel layout reworked
  • Titlebar shows project filename
  • Filenames of selected objects displayed in browser/manager
  • Values displays for all sliders
  • Alternative time display (hh:mm:ss)
  • Visualization of loading programs
  • Visualization of the plugin scan process
  • Mono GUI
  • Icon for standalone version

MIDI Engine

  • Mute/solo for pure MIDI tracks
  • Output delay for calibrating audio/MIDI drift
  • MIDI Sync. Master (sends Clock, Start, Stop, Continue, SPP)
  • MIDI Transport Slave (receives Start, Stop, Continue, SPP)
  • Optional only-tempo host synchronization
  • Dragging tracks automatically updates MIDI source tracks
  • Track playmode “Automatic”
  • MIDI Control surface
  • Thru option for remote-clips
  • Visualization of pending states

Audio Engine

  • Pre/Post fader sends
  • Thru/Mute send option
  • Visualization of track groups (linked by sends)
  • Dragging tracks automatically updates send-source and multi-output targets
  • Reset all mute/solo function
  • Intelligent “Auto-Connect” in mixer panel
  • Fade inertia on tracks for smooth mixing
  • ASIO driver improvements (standalone)
  • Built-in multi-filter component

MIDI Editing

  • Visualization of selected ghost notes
  • Buttons for important functions (selection, clipboard, quantize etc.)
  • Visualization of active notes in keyboard
  • Auto-scroll option follows cursor
  • Drummap selection in clipeditor
  • Automap functions
  • More edit functions like trim and auto-length
  • Merge into clip at cursor


  • Virtual project workspace allows one-click project loading
  • Projects can be loaded via MIDI song select or program change
  • Integration in project notes panel

VST Improvements

  • Better compatibility (no non-working plugin known)
  • Load VST directly via dialog
  • Randomize function in parameter panel
  • Close all editors function
  • MIDI learn for plugin parameters
  • Optional “Prog. Change Thru”
  • Take button for faster library building
  • Drag VST dll’s to Phrazor

Render to WAV

  • Complete project and loop renderingv
  • Render to track with autonaming
  • Loops are perfectly trimmed
  • Rendering up to 384 KHz in 5 different formats


  • Find and classify files by simple keyword selection
  • Freely assignable key columns and words
  • Check-in utility to take up files from other users/pc’s
  • Provides filetypes projects, tracks, slots, programs and clips


  • Auto-scroll option follows cursor
  • Buttons for important functions (selection, clipboard, quantize etc.)
  • View selection for playpart parameters (velocity and transpose)
  • Auto selection in playlist


  • Default cliplength, channel and snap settings
  • Auto-lock for programs and states
  • Better keyboard support
  • Reworked installer, separated vst-dll’s and Phrazor folder
  • Works on Muse Receptor and mobile devices (e.g. usb-sticks)

For more information, visit their web site at

Native Instruments Announces FM8 Software Synthesizer

Native Instruments is excited to announce FM8, the long-awaited successor of the popular FM7 software synthesize. With an enhanced high-resolution audio engine, intelligent sound morphing, added performance features and a new KORE-compatible preset manager, the FM8 makes the timeless and highly expressive musical potential of FM synthesis available in a thoroughly modernized instrument that fits perfectly into today’s studio and stage setups.

The typical sonic signature of the FM7, with its pristine and crystal-clear character, reaches the next level in the FM8 due to its new high-resolution audio engine. Increased internal resolution provides ultimate clarity and definition that significantly benefits the whole sonic spectrum of the instrument, from lead and bass sounds to pads, sequences and effects.

FM8 also introduces intelligent sound-morphing, a powerful tool for performance and sound design that is especially valuable for FM synthesis. A four-way sound-morphing matrix allows natural transitions and blends between as many as four different parameter sets, while an intelligent algorithm makes sure that results remain musical. An integrated advanced randomization feature offers further intuitive ways to explore the vast sonic potential of FM synthesis without expert knowledge.

The redesigned and reorganized user interface of FM8 emphasizes greater ease in accessing its synthesis functions through a stronger distinction between “easy access” and expert editing sections. The natural performance qualities of FM8 are brought to life through the addition of a highly versatile arpeggiator section, that includes a full-featured pattern editor with groove presets and shuffle function. Furthermore, FM8 integrates a new multi-effect section with 12 different algorithms, capable of adding even more sonic variety and a charming analog feel to the wide array of digital sounds that the FM8 can create.

FM8 ships with more than 900 preset sounds for all styles and genres, including both original FM7 patches and the complete FM7 Sounds Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 libraries as well as 200 new sounds that take advantage of the advanced capabilities of the new version. The powerful new sound browser in FM8 is based on the preset categorization and management system pioneered by KORE, and achieves optimal integration with Native Instruments’ innovative host system through use of the KoreSound format.

FM8 will be available in October 2006 for a suggested retail price of $ 339 / 299 Euro from authorized dealers and in the NI Online Shop. An update for owners of FM7 will be available for $ 119 / 99 Euro.

FM8 is also a part of the KOMPLETE 4 product bundle, which will in turn be available as a free update for all owners of KOMPLETE CARE 2006.

For more information, visit their web site at

Native Instruments FM8 Software Synthesizer

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TerraTec’s KOMPLEXER VST Synth Now Available

After a long wait, TerraTec Producer’s KOMPLEXER “Synthesizer of Emotions” is available now. Offering both virtual analog synthesis and wavetable synthesis, TerraTec Producer’s KOMPLEXER – a high end synthesizer “Made in Germany” – sets new standards for VST plug-ins.

Eight macro controllers are onboard to afford utmost handling ease. Version 1.01 of the Komplexer is already available at the time of release with a number of improvements. Moreover, users can log on to the KOMPLEXER VST forum on the TerraTec Producer Website and be kept up to date with the latest news and can exchange experiences.

Worlds of sound
Featuring classic synth sound powered by three oscillators, two multimode filters, four ADSDSR envelopes and three LFOs, KOMPLEXER plays in the premier league of VST instruments. Courtesy of the application’s groundbreaking macro controllers, presets can be modified to suit every taste using just eight parameters. This is a tremendous improvement in handling ease that not only newbies will welcome. Of course, this VST instrument also affords users unrestricted access to all of the sophisticated synthesis engine’s 400 parameters. Features such as the ultra advanced arpeggiator and LFO 3’s synchronizable user-specific waveform serve to create striking soundscapes that adapt automatically to the given song tempo. In the 16×16 modulation matrix almost every parameter of the Komplexer can be accessed.

Perfect integration
KOMPLEXER brings professional sound to every VST-compatible application.

Beyond that, KOMPLEXER integrates seamlessly into all VST environments, adding even more practical appointments such as full automation capability to its impressive arsenal of features. KOMPLEXER can also be used without a VST-Host (Standalone Mode).

Waldorf microQ® Import
Its ability as the only VST plugin to import Waldorf microQ® sounds underscores KOMPLEXER’s status as an exceptional sound-sculpting engine.

Priced at 199.00 euros (MSRP), TerraTec Producer’s KOMPLEXER is available now.

Key features & special attributes

  • Virtual analog software synthesizer
  • Wavetable synthesis
  • Imports Waldorf microQ® sounds
  • Eight macro controllers
  • Up to 256 voices
  • Unrestricted access to the sound synthesis engine
  • Three oscillators featuring sync and ring modulation
  • Two multimode filters (8 types including comb filters)
  • Flexible modulation matrix
  • Four ADSDSR envelopes
  • Audio input with vocoder
  • Three LFOs (LFO3 with user waveform)
  • Arpeggiator
  • 16×16 modulation matrix
  • Five effect units offering delay, reverb, chorus, phaser, distortion
  • Fully automatable and controllable via MIDI controller
  • VST plug-in for Windows 2000, Windows XP
  • Standalone Mode for use without VST – Host

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Native Instruments Announces ABSYNTH 4

Native Instruments today announced ABSYNTH 4, the fourth generation of its award-winning semi-modular software synthesizer that is renowned for its unique evolving sounds and textures. The new version offers extended sound design and performance capabilities through a new customizable signal flow; additional oscillator, waveform and envelope features; and a completely revised modulation concept. Numerous usability improvements, including a new KORE-compatible sound browser, provide a more convenient creative workflow.

The sonic capabilities of ABSYNTH have received a major extension in its fourth revision. The semi-modular signal flow is now customizable, allowing users to freely specify the combination and order of filter, modulator and waveshaping modules in each oscillator channel. A new “Wave Morph” function creates a wide range of new timbres through seamless interpolation between two user-definable waveforms, with real-time modulation of the interpolation readout leading to dramatic, highly musical results. A new “Sync Granular” oscillator mode also adds an entirely new sound source, resembling a blown or strummed acoustic instrument.

Powerful envelopes are one of the signature features of ABSYNTH, and the fourth generation of the instrument offers significant enhancements. A new global Master ADSR envelope can be used to shape even the most complex sound in a quick and intuitive way. The individual multi-breakpoint envelopes can now be synchronized to a beat grid, creating sound movements that follow the global tempo of a host sequencer. With this new feature, ABSYNTH 4 effectively integrates the concepts of envelopes and step sequencers into a powerful new tool for creative sound design.

A completely revised modulation concept in ABSYNTH 4 offers significantly increased real-time performance and automation options. Sixteen assignable macro controls can now manipulate any combination of oscillator, filter, modulation and effect parameters, with the additional option to convert any pair of controls into an XY field. “Audio Modulation” also now allows an external input signal to be used as a routable controller.

ABSYNTH 4 ships with more than 1,200 outstanding preset sounds, while a new integrated sound browser provides advanced categorization and search features. The ABSYNTH sound browser is now fully compatible with Native Instruments’ KORE host system and its KoreSound format.

ABSYNTH 4 will be available in October 2006 for a suggested retail price of $ 339 / 299 Euro from authorized dealers and in the NI Online Shop. An update for owners of ABSYNTH 3 will be available for $ 119 / 99 Euro.

ABSYNTH 4 is also a part of the KOMPLETE 4 bundle, which will in turn be available as a free update for all owners of KOMPLETE CARE 2006.

For more information, visit their web site at

Native Instruments ABSYNTH 4

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Native Instruments Introduces MASSIVE Software Synthesizer

Native Instruments today announced MASSIVE, a true next-generation software synthesizer with unique sonic character, outstanding audio fidelity, vast flexibility and an innovative, highly accessible interface. Based on an new high-resolution audio engine, MASSIVE combines advanced Wave-Scanning synthesis with a wealth of sophisticated sound-shaping and modulation options, resulting in a charismatic high-end sound full of warmth, punch, character and definition. MASSIVE is a true multi-purpose synthesizer for studio and stage that excels at powerful lead and bass sounds, but can also deliver complex pads and deep atmospheres as well as intriguing sequences.

MASSIVE is built from the ground up on a forward-thinking synthesis engine that makes full use of today’s advanced processor architectures. Intelligent oversampling with up to 192 kHz internal resolution guarantees pristine audio quality across the full spectrum, with exceptionally clear highs and a powerful, well-defined low end.

At the heart of MASSIVE’s synthesis engine are three Wave-Scanning oscillators that draw on 82 high-quality multi-wavetables to provide a vast spectrum of brilliant and highly dynamic timbres. All wavetable sets have been enhanced through FFT resynthesis, which guarantees pristine oscillator sound quality, free of any aliasing artifacts that wavetable synthesis is often associated with.

A special wavetable technology with “Phase Shaping” allows for additional “Bend” and “Formant” play modes, which provide a wide range of further tonal variations in the oscillator stage. An additional modulation oscillator provides optional phase modulation, ring modulation and filter FM, while a flexible noise generator can add enharmonic tonal components. Therefore, the oscillator stage of MASSIVE alone can provide a wider range of timbres than many conventional synthesizers with their full signal path.

The powerful and highly flexible dual filter section of MASSIVE complements the oscillator stage with 11 sophisticated, analog-sounding filter models ranging from lowpass and highpass variants to the fierce “scream filter” and a versatile comb filter. As a further sound-shaping device, a unique feedback stage can be inserted at various points in the signal chain to literally supercharge the sound, creating effects from warm saturation to total destabilization and unpredictability.

MASSIVE is also equipped with an assortment of high-quality effect algorithms that have been specifically designed to complement and enhance the sound-shaping capabilities of the instrument. Two insert effect sections can be inserted independently at various stages in the signal path to provide drastic treatments like Sample&Hold, Frequency Shifting, and Shapers, while dual master effect sections provide a wider selection of algorithms ranging from modulation and delay effects to equalizing and various flavours of saturation and overdrive.

A sophisticated yet easy to use modulation concept makes MASSIVE an extremely dynamic and flexible instrument, while a consistent single-window approach presents the deep functionality of the instrument in a highly effective and accessible way. Nearly all parameters in MASSIVE can be controlled and modulated in real-time, and modulations can be assigned by a simple, intuitive drag-and-drop process, with innovative “range knobs” providing full overview of all assignments and modulation amounts at a glance.

The modulation capabilities draw on four freely assignable ADSR envelopes with loop and morph features, and four additional custom modulators that can be individually set to act as LFO, “Performer” envelope or “Stepper” envelope. An additional “Macro Control” section provides eight multi-assignable meta controls that can also be mapped to any hardware controller, including the KORE controller.

MASSIVE includes 420 preset sounds that effectively showcase the sonic potential of the instrument, and provide a valuable tonal arsenal for various styles of electronic music. MASSIVE also includes a powerful sound browser with advanced categorization and search features. All presets are stored in KoreSound format, which makes them fully compatible with KORE, Native Instruments’ software instrument host system.

MASSIVE will be available in October 2006 for a suggested retail price of $ 339 / 299 Euro from authorized dealers and in the NI Online Shop.

Customers who purchase both KOMPLETE 4 and KORE after September 13th are eligible for a free copy of MASSIVE. This special limited-time offer expires December 31st, 2006.

For more information, visit their web site at

Native Instruments MASSIVE Software Synthesizer

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